5 Food items to avoid to keep your immune system healthy during COVID 19 pandemic

The best way to protect ourselves from coronavirus is to work on our diet and ensure that we cut all the unhealthy food from our diet that can weaken our immunity.
5 Food items to avoid to keep your immune system healthy during COVID 19 pandemic
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The coronavirus outbreak has left people around the world fearing for their lives. The panic is rising along with COVID-19 which refuses to remain contained. There is no cure for this disease and the scientists are busy trying to find an antiviral or a vaccine which can prevent or treat COVID-19. But in the middle of all the uprising and chaos, people are doing anything and everything that can save their lives because even though coronavirus has a high mortality rate it seems to have taken too many lives across the world and fear can make people do stupid things. People have started consuming anything and everything that claims to have the power to prevent coronavirus but the fact remains that COVID-19 is contagious and containing it is becoming increasingly difficult.

The only thing that can keep you safe from coronavirus is your immune system. Boosting your immune system will provide it with the ability to fight this virus and protect you. Many people have gotten cured due to their immune systems but there are numerous foods that we consume everyday that can damage and weaken our immunity and make us vulnerable to coronavirus. Here are some foods that you should cut out from your diet in order to remain healthy and protect your immune system in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Alcohol

Many people have ended up consuming alcohol or rather overdoing it because of a rumour that it can prevent coronavirus but it's not true. Alcohol messed with your natural body functions and weakens your immunity which is why it's important to be careful and limit your consumption. 

2. Caffeine

One odd cup of coffee won't do your body any harm but regular consumption of caffeine may boost your energy but mess with your hormones and weaken your immune system. 

3. Sugar

Food items and beverages which contain artificial or added sugar can be harmful to your diet but aside from that it can also have a long-lasting impact on your metabolism as well as your immune system and make you prone to coronavirus. 

4. Fast food

We all know how unhealthy fast food is but other than all the usual side effects of consuming your favourite burger and pizza on a regular basis, it can also harm your immune system by changing the way your immune system responds to threats. 

5. Processed food

Processed food items contain refined ingredients as well as artificial compounds and chemicals which are not good for our health and can take a toll on our immune system.

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