EXCLUSIVE: Motherhood is the toughest role I have played so far: Amrita Rao on being new mom, changes and more

In an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, Amrita Rao revealed the changes she's made in life post-pregnancy, how Anmol has been helping when it comes to looking after baby Veer and a few words of wisdom for all new moms!

Updated on May 29, 2024  |  04:28 PM IST |  384.6K
EXCLUSIVE: Motherhood is the toughest role I have played so far: Amrita Rao on being new mom, changes and more
EXCLUSIVE: Motherhood is the toughest role I have played so far: Amrita Rao on being new mom, changes and more

When a woman becomes a mother, her entire life changes. There is an additional responsibility of looking after the baby which in turn turns her world around. Today, men of the house too have begun helping out with kids to help make it easier for her.
Amrita Rao who delivered her baby boy Veer sometime back, talked to Pinkvilla about how her life has changed, what nobody prepared her for, Anmol as a father and more.

How is motherhood treating you so far?
I'm up most of the night feeding my baby and it's not like your shift ends and you get to sleep in the day, the day continues catering to every second of Veer.
You have to put behind yourself and now you become your second priority. Motherhood is the toughest role I have played so far!

What are some small everyday changes you and Anmol have had to bring about in life, after your son Veer was born?
We have a routine for Veer but many times he changes it. We have to revolve our daily ablutions around Veer now. I leave him in his pram to accompany Anmol during his workout while I get to grab some breakfast and vise-versa. Anmol and I have not yet stepped out just to spend some togetherness eversince.. I'm not complaining though because we are really enjoying being the tripling.


What's the one thing about motherhood nobody prepared you for?
I guess it's the teething problems and the little first hand learnings like how to manage a baby during feeding, burping, the colic phase, and so many things that your parents forget by the time you are a parent so no one can really prepare you for the journey. You have to step into parenthood to be born as a parent.

What are some additional nutritional foods you've added to your diet post delivery?
Being vegetarianI have added a lot of cottage cheese to my diet. Also now I have milk twice a day which I would have otherwise never ever consumed. I also eat fruit daily and have loads of water. And yes I was only a rice eater but now I gorge on some amazing Jawari Bhakarees for dinner.

How involved is Anmol when it comes to parenting? Do you have assigned duties when it comes to looking after Veer?
Anmol is a hands-on dad. I'm very impressed with him. He was excited about giving Veer a bath from day one. He stayed awake at intervals at night when I needed help. He also changes nappies and can pretty much handle Veer without me. I call him the Japa-Papa for Veer!


What's the one idea about parenting/motherhood that you realised was untrue once you became a mom?
That you could hand over your baby to a Japa Nanny or a Caretaker as soon as you got home from the hospital and things would be relatively smooth and hunky-dory.

What's the most difficult part of being a mother?
That now you're a "Mother forever." Of course the day and night duty in the initial months of the baby's birth are also the toughest.

Have you started working out post your delivery to get back in shape or are you taking it slow right now?
No, I haven't started working out yet. In fact even throughout my pregnancy I missed out on the workout bit because of the pandemic and then later my gynecologist advised me not to.
Fortunately thanks to my genes I'm quite the same and even whilst pregnant in certain outfits you couldn't tell I was carrying a baby. But I'm starting my yoga this month and I'm so looking forward to it.


What's the one word of advice you would give to the new moms out there?
My advice to new moms would be don't hand over your baby to a nanny as much as possible. I understand if you're a working mom it's extremely difficult but it's important to spend time with the baby yourself, that's the only way you will understand your child and keep talking to the baby as much as you can from the start.

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