The Rock's Latest Guinness World Record Has A Connection To THIS WWE Hall of Famer

The Rock and his Guinness World Record has links with a WWE Hall of Famer. The connection is revealed here.

Published on May 28, 2024  |  04:15 PM IST |  94.2K
The Rock's Latest Guinness World Record Has A Connection To THIS WWE Hall of Famer
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The living legend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson holds numerous records in the world of professional wrestling and entertainment. One of his recent achievements was setting a new record for the most Make-a-Wish wishes granted in a single day.

The Brahma Bull recently shared on social media that he has achieved another impressive milestone. This time, it's a Guinness World Record.

But strangely, as the WWE Universe witnessed the Great One’s celebratory video regarding this record, they also noticed a connection to the Hall of Famer, The Nature Boy, Ric Flair. 

What is The Rock’s New Guinness Record?

On social media, Johnson announced in a video, that he had become the most followed actor on tiktok and the most followed American man in the whole world. His words: “Cool stuff setting a @guinnessworldrecords. Most Followed Actor on @tiktok Most Followed American Man in the World.”

He went nostalgic, narrating how he went from an acne-affected teenager with an afro, to the megastar he is today. The said video where he made this announcement also featured his real-life friend, actor/comedian Kevin Hart, and also had footage of his beloved daughters.

As this video played along, fans noticed a famous entrance music playing in the background. This music was the entrance theme of The Nature Boy, Ric Flair and it was recognized by The Rock’s fans in the comments section. However, this wasn’t the only thing the fans noticed.


They also noticed that Johnson, did not end his post with “The Final Boss” as he usually did many times on the Road to WrestleMania. This time he ended it with his initials, DJ. 

While Flair is retired from in-ring action, he has been competing with The Rock off-stage in the Energy Drinks market. The Rock’s ZOA Energy and The Nature Boy’s WOOOOO energy have been competing for the top spot of late. Although, self-confessedly, Dwayne Johnson is a massive Ric Flair fan and considers him an inspiration. 

Maybe he did this as a sign of respect to Fair or maybe he did it to ruffle up some feathers with his business competitor. Love him or not, The Rock is a social media magnet and knows how to use it well to gain an advantage over others.

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