How long have Chuck Lorre and Arielle Lorre been together? Exploring relationship timeline amid official divorce

Explore Chuck and Arielle Lorre's six-year relationship timeline amid their official divorce announcement. Delve into their journey of love, commitment and separation.

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(Image Courtesy: Getty Images)
Image Courtesy: Getty Images
Key Highlight
  • Chuck and Arielle Lorre's relationship encapsulates significant chapter in both their lives
  • Amidst speculation and rumors, Chuck and Arielle Lorre confirmed their divorce

Chuck Lorre, the renowned producer behind blockbuster TV shows such as The Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men, has received attention for both his creative achievements and his personal life. His marriage to Arielle Lorre, a lifestyle influencer known for her presence on social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube, has sparked widespread attention. As word of their separation spreads, let's take a look at their relationship timeline. 

Meeting and courtship 

Chuck Lorre, 69, and Arielle Lorre, 39, first met in 2016. Their initial encounter sparked a romance that lasted two years. Despite their 33-year age difference, the couple found common ground and went on a journey together. 

Chuck Lorre proposed to Arielle Lorre in August 2017, which marked a key milestone in their relationship. The following year, in September 2018, the couple exchanged vows in a ceremony that confirmed their commitment to one another. They started their married lives in Los Angeles, California, where they shared a home. 

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Chuck and Arielle Lorre frequently appeared in public during their relationship, attending events such as the Golden Globe Awards in 2019 and 2020. Their appearances on red carpets and gatherings showcased their close bond and mutual support. 

Challenges and separation 

Despite the outward appearance of their relationship, Chuck and Arielle Lorre endured internal conflicts that eventually led to their separation as per TMZ. In a joint statement to Variety, the couple acknowledged their split, emphasizing mutual respect and gratitude for their time together. They indicated their desire to move forward in different directions while maintaining privacy during this tough time. 


As news of their split spreads, Chuck Lorre's decades-long television career continues to enthrall viewers worldwide. Lorre's impact on the entertainment industry is unprecedented, with legendary sitcoms like Mom and Mike and Molly to his credit. 

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Chuck and Arielle Lorre's futures unfold separately, yet their time together serves as a chapter in both of their personal stories. Despite the difficulties they had, their relationship journey includes moments of love, growth, and shared experiences. 

As Chuck Lorre navigates the challenges of divorce once more, his commitment to his work comes through. And, as Arielle Lorre focuses on her work as a speaker, influencer, and podcast host, her journey is linked with memories of her time with Chuck. 

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Know more about Chuck Lorre and Arielle Lorre relationship:

How long were Chuck and Arielle Lorre together?
Chuck and Arielle Lorre's relationship spanned nearly six years from their initial meeting in 2016 to their official divorce announcement.

What is the age gap between Chuck and Arielle Lorre?
Chuck Lorre, born in 1952, has a significant age difference of 30 years with Arielle Lorre, born in 1985.

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