Golden Kamuy Live-Action: Sequel Movie Announced; All We Know So Far

Golden Kamuy live-action film will be adapted into a sequel drama series and is set to premiere on WOWOW in Fall 2024.

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Everything We Know About The Golden Kamuy Live-Action: Sequel Movie
Golden Kamuy Live-Action: Sequel Movie Announced; All We Know So Far (PC: YouTube)

The official website of Golden Kamuy live-action film announced on March 4, 2024, that it’ll be getting a sequel drama series titled Golden Kamuy: Hokkaido Irezumi Shuzin Soudatsu-hen. The series will premiere on WOWOW in Fall 2024.

Golden Kamuy Live-Action: Sequel Movie has been announced

The official website for the the live-action film adaptation of Satoru Noda's adventure manga, Golden Kamuy, announced that its first serial drama series, which will tell a sequel story to the film, will broadcast on the Japanese satellite broadcasting station WOWOW's Serial Drama W programming block in the fall of 2024. Its title is Golden Kamuy: Hokkaido Irezumi Shuzin Soudatsu-hen, and a 60-second teaser trailer is now online.

While all of the 13 main cast and staff members from the film will return, four additional cat members have been confirmed. Hiroyuki Ikeuchi as Kiroranke, Maryjun Takahashi as Inkarmat, Yuki Sakurai as Kano Ienaga, and Akihisa Shino as Kantaro Okuyama. In addition to the film's Shigeaki Kubo, Kenji Katagiri, Ken Ochiai, and Youske Sato will newly join as directors.

Kento Yamazaki will reprise his role as the protagonist, Saichi Sugimoto, alongside Anna Yamada as the main heroine, Asirpa. He said, "As those of you who have seen the last scene of the film may understand, I am happy to finally reveal the sequel drama series. As in the film, I played Saichi Sugimoto with all my might. After meeting my partner, Asirpa, and the journey of the battle for the gold nuggets will continue. There will be new cast members and prisoners in new places. I think it is very interesting with the way it is portrayed only in the drama! Please enjoy the world view that can only be found in the drama series of Golden Kamuy! Please look forward to the broadcast!"


What is Golden Kamuy about?

Golden Kamuy is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Satoru Noda. It was serialized in Shueisha's seinen manga magazine Weekly Young Jump from August 2014 to April 2022, with its chapters collected in thirty-one tankōbon volumes. The story follows Saichi Sugimoto, a veteran of the early twentieth-century Russo-Japanese War, and his quest to find a huge fortune of gold of the Ainu people, helped by a young Ainu girl named Asirpa. The Ainu language in the story is supervised by Hiroshi Nakagawa, an Ainu language linguist from Chiba University.

An anime television series adaptation produced by Geno Studio aired with two seasons from April to December 2018. A third season aired from October to December 2020. A fourth season produced by Brain's Base aired from October 2022 to June 2023. A fifth season adapting the manga's final arc has been announced. A live-action film adaptation premiered in Japanese theaters in January 2024. The manga has been licensed for an English-language release by Viz Media since 2016. The anime is licensed by Crunchyroll.

Golden Kamuy (YouTube)

By March 2023, the Golden Kamuy manga had over 24 million copies in circulation, making it one of the best-selling manga series. The manga won the 9th Manga Taishō in 2016 and the 22nd Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize in 2018.

Golden Kamuy takes place in the aftermath of the Russo-Japanese War, primarily in Hokkaido and the surrounding regions. Detailing the many real-life political, technological and cultural developments of Japan at the time, several key parts of the series are fictionalized versions of real-life people and events. Specific focus is given to the indigenous Ainu people and their culture, such as exploring their language, and the way they respectfully use natural resources to thank the Kamuy they believe provide them.

Later parts of the story also explore the different subcultures within the Ainu, and the hardships they suffered by being caught in Japanese-Russian territorial conflicts. The plot also explores the severe struggles of soldiers and war veterans, with moral ambiguity, survivor's guilt, honour, penance and virtue ethics being common themes.

The central MacGuffin comes from an in-universe tall tale of an Ainu mining group, said to have unearthed 20 kan of gold. One miner murdered the others and hid the gold, only to be captured by Japanese authorities before he could share the location. Disappeared by the government and hidden in Abashiri Prison, the Ainu miner was isolated, hobbled and tortured for the location.


To relay the location outside, the Ainu miner tattooed many parts of a ciphered map onto his fellow prisoners, offering them a cut of the gold for sharing it with his comrades outside. The prison eventually recognized the code but was unable to read it, and attempted to transport the tattooed men elsewhere; the tattoed convicts overpowered and killed their captors, scattering into the night.

On April 19, 2022, it was announced that a live-action film adaptation has been greenlit. The film is produced by Credeus and directed by Shigeaki Kubo, with Tsutomu Kuroiwa writing the screenplay, Yutaka Yamada composing the music, and Hiroshi Nakagawa and Deko Akibe credited for Ainu supervision. The film stars Kento Yamazaki and Anna Yamada as Saichi Sugimoto and Asirpa respectively. It premiered in Japanese theaters on January 19, 2024.

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