Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 259: Will Aoi Todo Get Back His Powers In This Outing? Find Out

Aoi Todo lost his Cursed Technique Boogie Woogie during the Shibuya Incident. However, his appearance in the latest manga chapter tells us his power might be back.

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 Find Out Will Aoi Todo Get His Power Back In Chapter 259 Of Jujutsu Kaisen
Aoi Todo in Jujutsu Kaisen anime (PC: MAPPA Studios, Crunchyroll)

This article contains spoilers for the Jujutsu Kaisen manga and anime

Aoi Todo is a very popular character in Jujutsu Kaisen and also one of the most powerful allies of the protagonist Yuji Itadori. His unique cursed technique Boogie Woogie allowed him to change places with people and objects, and change their directions when he clapped his hand. 

Aoi Todo was also the reason why Itadori was able to win his fight against Mahito during the Shibuya Incident. However, during the fight, Todo had to cut off his own arm to stop Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration from killing him, which resulted in him losing his power. But according to chapter 259 of the manga, Todo might have gotten his technique back.

What does chapter 259 of Jujutsu Kaisen reveal about Aoi Todo?

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 259 manga came with another heartbreaking development for the protagonist Yuji Itadori. When all hope seemed to be lost, and Sukuna was shown to advance on Yuji, Aoi Todo suddenly appeared beside him, looking ready to back Yuji up in the fight. Todo’s appearance in the manga was quite unexpected as since the end of the Shibuya Incident, the character was nowhere to be seen. 



Fans have mostly accepted the fact that Todo could not fight anymore as he lost his powers. Fans were thus pretty shocked to see Todo appearing in the midst of one of the most dangerous fights of the saga. However, a flashback shows Todo and Mei Mei coming up with a plan to evacuate people from inside Sukuna’s domain using her crows and his Boogie Woogie, which means the latter can probably still use his power.

Even though Mei Mei doubts his ability to help, Todo says that he is sure he can be of help. His appearance also tells Yuji that the other sorcerers are probably fine and the two of them start to run up to Sukuna for an attack.

So did Aoi Todo actually get his powers back? 

Even though we cannot say for sure if Aoi Todo got the full use of his power back, we know that he probably came up with some alternate way to use it, other than clapping his hands. A spoiler for the manga also revealed Todo saying that even without one hand, he could still sense the heartbeat of his cursed technique within himself, which means that the power is still inside of him. 

From his sudden appearance in the latest chapter, we can assume that Todo found an alternative way to use his powers. Since Jujutsu Sorcerers are used to changing their tactics mid-battle and using creative techniques to overcome their shortcomings, it would not be surprising for Todo to do the same.

His previous battles, especially the one against Mahito, showed us that he is probably one of the greatest fighters the Jujutsu World has to offer, and it would only be normal for him to want to continue fighting if he could still feel his power. 

It remains to be seen exactly how Todo uses his power now in a fight. Previously, he used to clap his hands to change places with objects and people to confuse his enemy and attack them from unexpected directions. Due to the loss of his hand, it would be interesting to see how he accommodates his new handicap and still uses Boogie Woogie in a battle.


The spoilers provided here are not official and should be taken with caution. Fans are advised to wait for the official release for canonical content. Keep your eyes on Pinkvilla for more anime and manga related updates.


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