Rick and Morty Anime Confirms To Premiere on Toonami; All We Know So Far

Rick and Morty: The Anime, a science fiction sitcom series created and developed by Takashi Sano and produced by Studio Deen, Sola Entertainment, and Telecom Animation Film for Adult Swim will be coming to Toonami later this year!

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Everything To Know About Rick and Morty Anime As It's Set To Premiere on Toonami
Rick and Morty (PC: Adult Swim, Studio Deen, YouTube)

Rick and Morty: The Anime is set to premiere later this year on Adult Swim, a spin-off anime series that expands on the anime shorts that began airing with Adult Swim between Rick and Morty episodes. The anime will also air with Toonami.

Although Rick and Morty might not be returning to Adult Swim with Season 8 of the original animated series until some time next year, however, the franchise is still hitting screens in a new way this year. The official anime spin-off for Rick and Morty has been in the works for a while, and thankfully it's also not too far off from its release.

Rick and Morty: The Anime is coming to Toonami

As revealed with the newest look at the Rick and Morty anime spin-off series during Toonami, it was confirmed by Swimpedia on Twitter that the series would indeed be premiering on Saturdays with Toonami when it hits later this year. 

Rick and Morty: The Anime previously announced it was coming to Adult Swim and Max some time in 2024, and the newest newsletter from Adult Swim has revealed that Rick and Morty: The Anime will be hitting screens this Summer.

While this is still not a concrete release date, this Summer window means it's going to be sooner released than expected as there was an assumption that this could have filled the Fall 2024 premiere slot that the Rick and Morty Season 8 premiere was missing out on.

Rick and Morty: The Anime is expected to premiere in August, following the conclusion of My Adventures with Superman and Smiling Friends' Season 2 runs in July. Adult Swim will also have an opening in August, potentially bringing the show before September. However, this is a conjecture as there is no concrete information available at this time.


More about Rick and Morty: The Anime 

Rick and Morty: The Anime will be written and directed by Takashi Sano, who previously directed the Rick and Morty vs. Genocider and Summer Meets God for Telecom Animation Film. 

The show revolves around the adventures of the members of the Smith household, in particular mad scientist and samurai Rick Sanchez, and his grandchildren, the 14-year-old Morty Smith, and the 17-year-old Summer Smith, whose parents, Jerry and Beth Smith (Rick's daughter), disapprove of their adventures.

Different versions of the characters, including the bespectacled genocider, President Morty Smith, inhabit other dimensions throughout the show's multiverse, with their personal characteristics varying from one reality to another.

Rick and Morty (Adult Swim, Studio Deen, YouTube)

Releasing on both Adult Swim and Max, the first synopsis for the series teases it as such, "In Rick and Morty: The Anime, a new series from the world of 'Rick and Morty,' Rick relaxes in a pseudo-world between multiverses, Summer helps Space Beth fight the evil Galactic Federation, and Morty falls in love with a mysterious girl who happens to be an atemporal being."


The main voice cast of the anime series are,

  • Yōhei Tadano (Japanese) as Rick Sanchez
  • Keisuke Chiba (Japanese) as Morty Smith and President Morty
  • Manabu Muraji (Japanese) as Jerry Smith
  • Akiha Matsui  (Japanese) as Summer Smith
  • Jun Irie (Japanese) as Beth Smith and Space Beth

The guest voice cast members are,

  • Manabu Muraji (Japanese) as AI Driver and Hologram Transvestite
  • Yuki Minami (Japanese) as Hologram Girl
  • Hinata Tadokoro, Daiki Kobayashi, Hodaka Mieno, Nanami Yamashita, and Kazuya Saji (Japanese) as Future Beings
  • Misa Ishii (Japanese) as Jessica

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