Will There Be A Demon Slater Infinity Castle Movie? All We Know So Far

Rumors are flying amongst the Demon Slayer fandom that the Infinity Castle Arc of the manga might be adapted into a movie. Here is everything we know.

Published on Jun 11, 2024  |  11:06 AM IST |  65.4K
Will Demon Slayer Infinity Castle Arc be adapted into a movie
Demon Slayer Hashira Training Arc (PC: Crunchyroll, Studio Ufotable, Koyoharu Gotouge)

As you all might know, the Demon Slayer anime has a tendency to release movies that summarize the upcoming season. We have gotten movies for all the arcs so far although the series went much deeper into the storyline than the movies. 

However, rumors are flying that the upcoming Infinity Castle Arc of the series will be adapted into movies instead of a series, although it is not confirmed. Here is everything we know about it. 

Will we get a movie for Demon Slayer’s Infinity Castle Arc?

The 4th season of the Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba anime is currently ongoing and covering the Hashira Training Arc from Koyohau Gootuge’s original manga. Fans have been eagerly waiting for the next season of the anime because it will cover one of the most anticipated and action-filled arcs from the story, which is the Infinity Castle Arc. 

However, rumors have been spreading that instead of the next season of the series, there will be a movie for the Infinity Castle Arc instead. Even though this news has not been officially confirmed yet, the news came based on an alleged leak from the company. The news coming from a reputable Weibo account has also thrown people into a frenzy about the Infinity Castle Arc not getting an anime series adaptation and only getting movies.

Are fans happy about the news?


Even though a lot of fans are excited about the anticipated arc getting an anime adaptation, some are really worried. Fans are comparing the situation to another popular anime Haikyuu, which had decided to release a movie instead of another season and broke up the pace of the story. 

The Infinity Castle Arc is one of the longest and most action-filled arcs of the whole Demon Slayer Saga. Unlike the Hashira Training Arc, which only lasted about 9 chapters in the manga, the upcoming arc is much longer and extensive. A faithful movie adaptation will require at least three movies and not just one. However, unlike a new season where the story could be covered extensively and a new episode will come out every week, fans will have to wait months to get the new movies, which will definitely break up the pace of the story. On the other hand, the films will be released theatrically and the action scenes will definitely look much cooler on a bigger screen. 


But most of the Demon Slayer fandom wants the Infinity Castle Arc to be adapted into the series instead of multiple movies. Usually, movies lack a lot of finer details which the anime is able to provide. With Ufotable being one of the most reputable animation studios in the industry right now and with Demon Slayer being their magnum opus, they will not want to get on the bad side of the fandom. On the other hand, if the studio is able to faithfully adapt the manga arc into three movies, then fans might be happy with it. The best decision for them would be to release a movie like always and follow it up with the series where the storyline is explored in more detail. However, since there is no official news about this as of yet, we do not know if the Infinity Castle Arc of Demon Slayer will be adapted into movies or if the series will continue.


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