BTS’ Jin’s single Super Tuna surpasses 100 million streams on Spotify ahead of military discharge

Super Tuna single by BTS’ Jin surpasses 100 million streams ahead of his military discharge. Keep reading to know more.

Updated on Apr 18, 2024  |  08:07 PM IST |  117.6K

Jin is the oldest member of one of the biggest leaders of K-pop, BTS, aka Bangtan Sonyeondan. Jin currently serves in the military as per the South Korean rule of compulsory enlistment for all able males. 

Jin was one of the first members of BTS to enlist in the military. He is known for his prince-like visuals and angelic voice. His fun and impromptu single, Super Tuna, recently achieved a new feat. 

Super Tuna by BTS’ Jin surpasses 100 million streams on Spotify

Jin of BTS is full of surprises, and when he released Super Tuna, it took the world by a sweet surprise. Super Tuna was a special gift by Jin to ARMYs (BTS official fandom) on the occasion of his 29th birthday. 

In the most delightful turn of events, Super Tuna by Jin has surpassed 100 million views on Spotify. The song currently has 101,427,117 streams and counting. 

Super Tuna is a short trot track by Jin, who wrote it in 5 minutes when he went on a fishing trip. The song was accompanied by a special performance video unveiled the same day through their official YouTube channel. The song’s fun and addictive lyrics in Jin’s melodious voice made it viral in just a few hours.


The video ranked first for eight days and trended in over 50 countries, including Korea, Singapore, and Peru. A Super Tuna dance challenge also became the rage at the time on TikTok.


Super Tuna was initially released on SoundCloud on December 4, 2021, as a present to ARMYs and not for commercial purposes. The song was finally released on streaming sites on October 21, 2022, along with his other singles, Abyss and Tonight. 

Jin’s recent activities

Jin, aka Kim Seokjin, is also known by his nickname World Wide Handsome. He is the oldest member and vocalist of the highly acclaimed K-pop boy band BTS. Jin enlisted in the military on December 13, 2022, and is expected to be discharged on June 13. 

Jin also started a countdown to his discharge date on Weverse (an online platform for idol and fan conversations). 

In other news, veteran alcohol artisan Master Park Rok Dam shared a photo of Jin where he was brewing traditional alcohol at his house. Fans were awed by Jin’s never-failing prince visuals and showered love.

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