BTS' RM vibes to his quirky track Nuts is new music video from Right Place, Wrong Person album; watch

In a quirky new music video, BTS' leader RM grooves to his track Nuts in his studio from the album Right Place, Wrong Person. Watch it here!

Updated on May 29, 2024  |  09:16 PM IST |  117K
BTS' RM; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC
BTS' RM; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC
Key Highlight
  • BTS’ RM drops music video for Nuts from Right Place, Wrong Person
  • RM released his second solo album Right Place, Wrong Person on May 24

In a whimsical new music video, BTS' RM moves to the beat of his track Nuts from the album Right Place, Wrong Person, which dropped on May 24th. Helmed by director Pennacky and guided by the creative vision of San Yawn, the video is a celebration of RM's diverse style and artistic ingenuity. 

This sophomore solo project underscores RM's distinct musical sensibilities and adaptability, cementing his reputation as an artist of exceptional depth and innovation.

BTS’ RM reveals Nuts music video

On May 29, BTS' RM delighted fans with the release of a quirky new music video for his track Nuts, featured on his latest album Right Place, Wrong Person. Directed by Pennacky and with creative direction by San Yawn, the video showcases RM's playful side as he vibes to the eccentric beats of the song.

Watch RM’s music video for Nuts here;

With lyrics that delve into themes of love, relationships, and self-reflection, Nuts offers a unique blend of RM's poetic lyricism and experimental sound. The video, featuring behind-the-scenes photography by Jimin Son, captures RM's energy and creativity, while the production team, including JNKYRD and Sehoon Jang, adds visual flair to the project.

As RM navigates through the verses, the music video provides a captivating visual narrative, further enhancing the listener's experience. With its catchy chorus and infectious rhythm, Nuts showcases RM's versatility as an artist and highlights his ability to create music that resonates with audiences worldwide.


More details about RM’s Right Place, Wrong Person 

Amid his military service, RM's latest album, Right Place, Wrong Person, released on May 24th, has stirred global anticipation. This follow-up to 2022's INDIGO features the lead track LOST! and delves into themes of existential confusion and inner turmoil.

Across 11 tracks, the album showcases RM's signature poetic lyricism and experimental sound, delving into the complexities of feeling like an outsider. Despite his hiatus, BIGHIT MUSIC's promotional efforts have underscored RM's artistic brilliance, ensuring that Right Place, Wrong Person leaves a lasting impression and adds depth to BTS' musical legacy.

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