Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung recalls using 10 year relationship with Jung Kyung Ho to turn down young man

Sooyoung of SNSD had a casual interaction during a talk show, where she shared that two guys once didn't recognize her and even asked for her phone number. Find out more about this incident below!

Updated on Dec 15, 2023  |  03:20 PM IST |  895.7K
 Choi Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho; Image Credit: Saram Entertainment and Management Allum
Choi Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho; Image Credit: Saram Entertainment and Management Allum
Key Highlight
  • K-pop idol Soo Young shared an anecdote when two men didn’t recognize her on street
  • The idol-actress was surprised that they asked for her phone number
  • Sooyoung mentioned about her boyfriend, actor Jung Kyung Ho, to turn down unknown man’s request

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung recently appeared on a YouTube show titled Jo Hyun Ah's Thursday Night.

On the show, the idol-actress indulged in a candid conversation with the host Jo Hyun Ah. During the interaction, Sooyoung recalled an incident when two young men in their twenties asked for her phone number. She was taken aback as she thought the guys were going to ask her for a selfie, but their response was a bit surprising for the actress. 

Let’s find out how the actress reacted to this incident!

Sooyoung tells a sad, funny story of an unknown man asking for her phone number

Singer Jo Hyun Ah invited Sooyoung to her YouTube talk show. In the episode, the actress Sooyoung shared a recent incident that she found quite astonishing. The 33-year-old actress said that two men in their twenties walked toward her, while she was taking a stroll in Apgujeong, Seoul.

Sooyoung initially thought that they were going to ask for a picture with her. To her surprise, the guys requested her phone number. The anchor Jo Hyun Ah freaked out after listening to Sooyoung's story and asked if she was wearing a mask. The actress replied that she did remove her mask, thinking that the guys may not have recognized her. But these men still persisted even after she told them that she had a boyfriend. She further stated they must have thought I was lying just to turn them down.


Sooyoung laughed it off by saying that she didn’t want to embarrass the guys by revealing her identity. She also jokingly remarked that even if she had told them that she was a celeb, what if the guys had reacted by saying, 'Who? Sooyoung of Girls' Generation?'

For the unversed, Sooyoung has been dating popular actor Jung Kyung Ho since 2013 and fans admire the duo as they talk about each other quite openly in interviews, unlike other Korean celebs.

More about Soo Young

Sooyoung (full name Choi Soo Young) is part of the pioneering K-pop group called Girls’ Generation, which debuted in 2007. Being one of the best-selling artists in Korea, Sooyoung is constantly in the public eye, garnering attention even for her personal life.

In October 2017, Sooyoung left her agency SM Entertainment, but she continued to be a member of Girls' Generation. She embarked on her solo career under the new label Echo Global Group. Her first solo single was titled Winter Breath in 2018. Currently, she is signed under Saram Entertainment in 2019.


Sooyoung is also actively working as an actress. She has delivered impressive performances in shows and movies, such as Run On (2021), So I Married the Anti-fan (2021), Not Others (2023), and more.

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