Who is the hair flip queen in K-pop? BLACKPINK’s Rosé, TWICE’s Momo or others

Meet the hair flip queens of K-POP, female idols who have mastered intricate choreography, with hair movements enhancing their performances.

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BLACKPINK's Rosé, TWICE's Momo; Image Courtesy: YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment
BLACKPINK's Rosé, TWICE's Momo; Image Courtesy: YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment

K-pop girl groups are renowned for their finesse, mastering intricate choreography that transforms even the smallest details into impactful moments. Among these subtle yet powerful elements is the hair flip, a move that, when executed perfectly, enhances the overall performance. 

While some may underestimate the complexity of their dance routines, the seamless incorporation of hair flips adds a dynamic visual flair. Here, we celebrate the hair flip queens of K-pop, including BLACKPINK’s Rosé, TWICE’s Momo, Goo Hara, Sunmi, and others, who have perfected this iconic move, leaving fans in awe with their captivating performances.

Top 10 hair flip queens in K-pop 


Rosé of BLACKPINK is synonymous with hair flips in the world of K-pop. The 24-year-old singer debuted in 2016, captivating audiences not only with her powerful vocals but also with her perfect hair flips. Renowned for their flair and precision, her hair flips have garnered a dedicated fan following, earning Rosé a reputation as the ultimate hair flip queen in K-pop.

2. Sunmi

Sunmi, the former Wonder Girls member, has charmed audiences not only with her mesmerizing vocals but also with her flawless-looking hair flips. Renowned for her dynamic performances, Sunmi incorporates hair flips in a unique way that adds flair and visual impact to her stage presence. With her signature move, she infuses each performance with an extra dose of energy and style, solidifying her status as a true K-pop icon.

3. TWICE’s Momo

Momo, the main dancer of TWICE, not only dazzles with her incredible dance moves but also with her dazzling hair flips. Renowned as the dance machine, Momo's skills shine both on and off the stage. Her flawless execution of hair flips adds an extra element of charisma to TWICE's performances, captivating audiences worldwide. Whether in a choreographed routine or a casual setting, Momo's hair flips never fail to leave a lasting impression, showcasing her talent and versatility as a dancer.


4. Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung

Sooyoung of Girls' Generation not only shines as a talented singer and actress but also amazes with her signature hair flips. Known for her dynamic performances, Sooyoung adds flair to the stage with her graceful yet energetic movements, accentuated by her stylish hair flips. 

Whether she's belting out hit songs or delivering captivating scenes in dramas, Sooyoung's hair flips are a defining element of her stage presence, enhancing her vibrant persona and leaving audiences mesmerized.

5. IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon

Chaeyeon of IZ*ONE redefines the term hair flip queen with her electrifying stage presence. Despite her group's relatively short tenure, her beautiful hair flips have left an indelible mark on K-pop. Each flip exudes charisma and precision, mesmerizing audiences worldwide. Notably, she is also the younger sister of ITZY's talented member, Lee Chaeryeong

6. Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy's hair flips are like poetry in motion, adding an enchanting rhythm to her already mesmerizing performances. From her days as a member of Miss A to her flourishing acting career, Suzy's grace and charm have captivated audiences. 


Each flick of her hair seems to carry a story of its own, weaving seamlessly into the narrative of her talent and beauty. Suzy's hair flips are not just movements; they're moments of pure magic on stage and screen.


7. TWICE’s Tzuyu

Tzuyu's hair flips are like gentle waves, adding a touch of elegance to her performances with TWICE. Born in Taiwan but capturing hearts worldwide, Tzuyu's graceful movements on stage are highlighted by her flowing locks, which seem to dance in harmony with her every step. Each flip of her hair is a mesmerizing moment, symbolizing the effortless charm and beauty that define her presence in the K-pop scene.


Lisa's hair flips are like punctuation marks in her electrifying performances with BLACKPINK, adding flair and dynamism to every move. Born in Thailand and captivating global audiences, Lisa's stage presence is enhanced by the effortless sway of her locks, which mirror the rhythm of her mesmerizing dance routines. Each flip is a visual exclamation of her boundless energy and unparalleled talent, leaving fans in awe of her magnetic charisma.


9. ITZY’s Ryujin

Ryujin from ITZY infuses her performances with an unparalleled energy, punctuated by her signature hair flips. Each flick of her locks seems to synchronize perfectly with the beat, adding an extra layer of intensity to her dynamic dance moves. Whether on stage or in music videos, Ryujin's hair flips become a visual representation of her commanding presence, captivating audiences with every twist and turn.

10. Min Yoonji

Min Yoonji, SUGA's character in a Run BTS episode, not only captivated fans with her fierce attitude but also with her stylish hair flips. Each flip exudes confidence and sass, adding to her allure as a character. Fans adore her for her distinctive personality and iconic moments, including those electrifying hair flips that have become synonymous with her portrayal.  

In conclusion, these top 10 hair flip queens of K-pop, including BLACKPINK’s Rosé, Sunmi, TWICE’s MOMO, and others, have mastered the art of incorporating hair flips into their performances, adding a mesmerizing visual element to their dance routines. 

Their skillful execution of this iconic move demonstrates their talent, versatility, and stage presence, leaving fans captivated and inspired. As they continue to showcase their prowess on stage, they undoubtedly cement their status as some of the most influential figures in the world of K-pop.


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Who is the hair flip queen in ITZY?
The majority of fans believe Ryujin is the hair flip queen of ITZY.

Which performances showcase Jennie from BLACKPINK's hair flips?
Pretty Savage is one of the BLACKPINK choreographies that showcases the best hair flips from Jennie.

Do male K-pop idols also perform notable hair flips?
Yes, male K-pop idols also flaunt notable hair flips whether on stage or off.

Are there any other K-pop idols known for their hair flips?
There are numerous K-pop idols known for their hair flips like BTS’ Jimin, SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan, and more.

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