Alabama Barker Denies Getting Cosmetic Work Done: 'Not Saying I Never Would, But Just Not In This Moment'

During a Q&A session on Instagram, Alabama Barker reiterated that she hasn't had any cosmetic procedures and offered insights into how she copes with negativity as a social media influencer.

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Alabama Barker (Instagram)

Alabama Barker insists, once again, that she hasn't undergone any cosmetic procedures. The 18-year-old media personality, daughter of Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler, reaffirmed on Tuesday that she hasn't had any cosmetic procedures done in response to a fan’s question during her Talk to Me session on her Instagram.

“I've had no cosmetic work done to my body,” Alabama wrote over a selfie she posted on her Instagram stories on April 23, per a screen grab captured by Page Six. The influencer continued, “Let's stop assuming, not saying I never would, but just not in this moment have I had anything done."

Next up, a fan queried about how she deals with “the negativity that comes [with] being a social media influencer.” 

Here's what she said: 

Alabama Barker's Response to Online Commentary and Cosmetic Rumors

Alabama Barker (Instagram)

“I'd be lying if I said it doesn't hurt, but it's not something I can control or use any of my force on, the best thing I can do is just ignore it and realize how blessed and loved I am by many, also keeping in mind that they do Not KNOW ME so they can't judge the real me,” Alabama wrote in response to the fan. Accompanying the vulnerable confession was a video of Barker in which she rocked long red hair and nude glam makeup. 



“I don't like to engage at all, it will never put me on a higher pedestal lowering to their negativity,” she added. 

Alabama has addressed the rumors of cosmetic work in the past as well.

‘I’m natural, besides my lips’ — Alabama Barker on cosmetic surgery accusations 

“This child has done a lot of cosmetic surgery @ a very young age, I hope she doesn't over do it! She looks good now,” a critic wrote under one of Alabama’s Instagram posts, in response to which, she commented, “I really appreciate the love! I’m natural, besides my lips, accept the fact I’m naturally beautiful.” The aspiring musician also addressed her body weight on more than one occasion, including this Tuesday, when she reiterated that her weight gain was due to “thyroid issues.”

Last summer, Alabama asked social media users to refrain from sharing their opinions about her appearance.

“Paparazzi will purposely take pictures of you with your mouth open, middle of a sentence and any ugly picture they can get of you just for views,” Barker said in an August 2023 TikTok. “I would love to see you guys getting random pictures taken of you when you're leaving the grocery store, in the middle of a sentence, with your mouth wide open…and let's see how beautiful you look.” 

She noted that she has a “thyroid problem and an autoimmune disease” and asked the netizens to “keep your opinions to yourselves. It'll get you farther in life.” 

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Has Alabama Barker undergone any cosmetic procedures?
No, Alabama Barker has stated that she hasn't had any cosmetic work done to her body.

What does Alabama Barker attribute her struggles with body weight to?
Alabama Barker attributes her weight gain to thyroid issues.

Who are Alabama Barker's parents?
Alabama Barker's parents are Travis Barker, the drummer of Blink-182, and Shanna Moakler.

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