Atlas Twitter Review: Here's What Netizens Have To Say About Jennifer Lopez's Sci-Fi Action Movie

Jennifer Lopez is back on screen with a sci-fi action film and here’s how fans are reacting to it. These are the X reviews of Atlas.

Published on May 25, 2024  |  01:39 PM IST |  42.5K
X reviews of Atlas
Atlas (YouTube)

Jennifer Lopez does own many hearts on stage with her beautiful and dreamy voice. However, she even has the talent and absolute skillset to portray a great role in any given movie. The millennials will surely remember her as their most loved star. 

Talking about her acting talent, her recently launched movie Atlas is being loved by not just her fans, but also by a number of movie buffs.

X reviews of Atlas

Bringing about the role of a rigid and powerful woman, Jennifer Lopez has again gripped the audience with her theatrics. Based on how fans are reacting to the new Netflix sci-fi adventure, the movie surely seems to be a ruling one. Here’s how the internet is reacting to JLo in her new role. 

Taking it to social media, fans have already started praising the role of Lopez, in a movie where she was seen alongside the talented Simu Liu. 

Pouring their emotions on X (formerly Twitter), fans were seen stating, “So proud of you @jlo. You did an amazing job,” while also requesting Hollywood to “Put JLo in more action movies.”

A person was seen to share her personal view of Atlas stating that Netflix’s Atlas “was so good! The action, the special effects,” while also adding a raised hands emoji along with a number 10 emote at the end. 


A few were also seen sharing their screen in excitement while expressing that the movie had them running through a number of emotions. The X user stated, “It had me laughing and sobbing,” further adding to the post “Overall a great movie.”

About Atlas

Now that we have already stepped into a world where artificial intelligence has become a big part of our lives, it seems a perfect time to get introduced to a movie that talks about the threats AI can hold. 

Jennifer Lopez plays the character of Atlas, who is the daughter of a data analyst Val, played by Lana Parilla. Val had developed the first ever AI being when Lopez’s character was shown to be young. 

However, here’s how the interesting things begin to happen. The AI being who is named Harlan is portrayed by Simu Liu. He goes rogue and takes control of all the artificial intelligence devices. His plan is to wage war against all of humanity. 


Before we spoil the whole plot of the movie for you, we would like to halt here. Besides the talent of Lopez and Liu, the movie also brings forth a huge and grand cast that includes, Mark Strong, Sterling K. Brown, Stephanie Heiner, Janis Ahern, Greg Cohan, and more. 

You can enjoy the action-packed adventure on Netflix.

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What role does Simu Liu play in Atlas?
Simu Liu plays the character of an AI in Atlas.

When was Atlas released?
Atlas was released on Netflix on May 24, 2024.

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