Colin Farrell's Sugar Shows Stark Similarities With Leonardo DiCaprio's 2010 Hit Shutter Island; Exploring Details

The new web series Sugar on Apple TV+ mirrors Shutter Island as both protagonists, like Teddy Daniels, might face distorted realities due to past traumas.

Published on Apr 16, 2024  |  04:55 PM IST |  60.4K
Colin Farrell in Sugar and Leonardo DiCaprio in Shutter Island (IMDb)

This article contains spoilers for Apple TV+ series Sugar.

A new show on Apple TV+ titled Sugar has a story that's a lot like Leonardo DiCaprio's 2010 movie Shutter Island. In both stories, the main character, played by Colin Farrell in Sugar and DiCaprio in Shutter Island, is a detective trying to solve the mystery of a missing woman.

But here's the twist: just like in Shutter Island, where DiCaprio's character discovers he's been living in a made-up reality to cope with his past, it seems something similar might be happening in Sugar.

Sugar Series has similarities with Leonardo DiCaprio's Shutter Island


Leonardo DiCaprio in Sutter Island

In Sugar, the main character, John Sugar, acts like a detective but might not actually be one. He has strange moments where he imagines violent things and needs to take medicine to calm down. This suggests he might have a mental health condition like DiCaprio's character in Shutter Island. 

One of the reviews of the series has suggested, "Just like Teddy eventually learns that he created an alternate identity for himself to deal with the trauma of murdering his wife after she killed their three children, Sugar might ultimately realize that his perception of reality has been distorted by his past events."



The sugar series receives a low score from the audience 


While Sugar is getting good reviews from critics, viewers don't seem as interested in it as they were in Shutter Island. It has received a 67% audience score as of now.  

Some people think this might be because of the infamous Martin Scorsese-directed Shutter Island and so, expectations were high. But even though Sugar is off to a slower start among the audiences, it's still too early to tell how good it will be since only a few episodes have aired.

It's important to remember that, unlike Shutter Island, the Sugar series may end differently. The show's early episodes have hinted that there might be a twist just like in Shutter Island. John Sugar's investigation into a missing girl named Olivia might be a way for him to deal with his sister's death. This suggests his idea of what's real might be messed up because of his past.

The Sugar series premiered on Apple TV+ on April 5, 2024. New episodes are released every Friday on the platform. 

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