Do You Know How Chris Evans Adopted His Beloved Pet Dog Dodger? Read The Story HERE

Chris Evans recounts the heartwarming story of adopting his rescue dog Dodger from pound, expressing how he instantly connected with Dodger and knew he belonged with him, saying, "I snagged him."

Published on Apr 21, 2024  |  10:44 PM IST |  37.9K
From Pound to Palace: Chris Evans' Heartwarming Tale Of Adopting Dodger The Rescue Dog
Chris Evans (PC: X/Formerly Twitter)

Chris Evans, known for his acts of kindness like visiting children’s hospitals and his endearing remarks about his ex Jenny Slate, has another heartwarming tale to share. While filming his movie Gifted, Evans found himself in a pound scene, surrounded by real adoptable dogs. Unsure if they were actor dogs or real, he spotted Dodger and instantly knew he didn’t belong there.

Adopting him on the spot, Evans found a loyal companion in Dodger, who behaves like a perpetual puppy, radiating love and affection. Dodger's love for dogs and kids makes him a perfect fit for Evans, who cherishes every moment with his furry best friend.

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Chris Evans on the Joys of Being a Dog Owner: 'I'm a Dog Lunatic;

Chris Evans, affectionately known for his role as Captain America, proudly admits to being a dog lunatic. His bond with Dodger goes beyond just companionship; they're inseparable playmates, exercise buddies, and even sleep side by side. Evans marvels at Dodger's energy and enthusiasm for everything they do together.

Their playful antics not only keep Evans entertained but also serve as a reminder of the unconditional love and joy that dogs bring into our lives. As Dodger curls up on Evans' pillow each night, their close bond is a testament to the special connection between humans and their canine companions.


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Chris Evans Keeps His Pup Dodger Fresh and Clean with Twice-Weekly Baths

Chris Evans takes his role as a dog dad seriously, ensuring Dodger stays fresh and clean with regular baths twice a week. With all their outdoor adventures and playful romps, Dodger often ends up covered in mud.

But Evans doesn't mind; he sees it as part of the fun. Keeping Dodger clean isn't just about appearances, it's about maintaining his health and happiness. After all, nothing beats the feeling of snuggling up to a freshly bathed pup at the end of a long day.

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