Drew Barrymore Gets Candid About Growing Up In Spotlight Since She Was An Infant; Here's What She Had to Say

In the interview by PEOPLE magazine, Barrymore talks about the cost of fame at a young age, motherhood and if she would let her children get into show business.

Published on Apr 10, 2024  |  07:42 PM IST |  54.3K
Drew Barrymore Talks About Growing Up
Drew Barrymore (Image via IMDb)

Actress Drew Barrymore recalled what it has been like growing up in the spotlight ever since infancy. While speaking to PEOPLE magazine on the occasion of their 50th anniversary, she looked back at their long association, while also answering questions about her journey in the movie industry, advice to her younger self, and her most incredible body of work. 

Drew Barrymore talks about what it’s like to work since infancy:

Barrymore first appeared on the cover of PEOPLE magazine in November 1984, alongside fellow stars Ricky Schroeder and Henry Thomas. “This was the most fun cover to shoot because I felt so safe with Henry. My whole life changed so much, but I had already been working since I was 11 months old, so this wasn't like an overnight thing.” 

The actress also responded to questions about if she would let her children pursue the film business. "School plays, theater camp, everything, [yes]. But [no to] being out there in the public eye until…” is what she says to her kids. The number is not set, she adds, but it's going to be a feeling when she thinks they are ready. 


She wistfully remembers being questioned if she would let her children join the business, and it always gave her a sad feeling, as if the business was “toxic.” She differs. “That's not how I feel about this business at all. It has given me every opportunity under the sun and I couldn't appreciate my life more.” 


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If I had tried to give advice to my younger self, I wouldn't have listened: Drew Barrymore:

Speaking about what advice she would have given to her younger self, the Ever After fame says that it was almost impossible to make her younger self listen to the advice, all owing to her “rebellious” and “stubborn” nature. “I not only didn't listen to advice, whatever advice I got, I just basically did the opposite,” Barrymore told PEOPLE. 

But there is something that Barrymore would let the younger her know. “But I would like this little girl to know that she will be a good mom and she will really care about her kids,” the actress said, adding that she felt parenting herself a lot as a child, making her doubtful of her own parenting style in adulthood. “I think kids really need to feel safe, and so when I see [this little girl], it's like the first time in my life where I think I'm finally figuring out what it really takes to take care of kids because I didn't know what that was when I was a kid,” she said. 

For Barrymore, motherhood had been the most important element in her life. “I have pushed myself to become a more stable and accountable, especially as a mom,” she says. Another thing that she takes pride in is her commitment to work. “No matter what I've gone through in my personal life, I have never brought it to work” 

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