Horizon An American Saga Trailer: Kevin Costnar's Conqures the Wild West in New Trailer

Kevin Costner confronts intense conflicts in the trailer for Horizon: An American Saga, with two chapters hitting theaters this summer: Chapter 1 on June 28, followed by Chapter 2 on Aug. 16.

Published on May 18, 2024  |  08:07 AM IST |  53.6K
Kevin Costner Rides High In 'Horizon: An American Saga' Trailer
Kevin Costner (PC: IMDb)

Kevin Costner's big passion project, Horizon: An American Saga, is taking us on an incredible journey into the wild and uncharted territory of the Wild West.

Ahead of its world premiere at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in 2024, this enticing sneak preview shows Costner tall in a tense confrontation with the fearsome Jamie Campbell Bower. The teaser unfurls as the dust settles, showcasing a massive ensemble cast and breathtaking views of the American frontier that will take your breath away.

In addition to wearing a cowboy hat and spurs, Costner dons other hats throughout this expedition, including those of star, producer, co-writer, and director. It's a labor of passion and evidence of his commitment to making this grand story a motion picture.

Put the dates on your calendars: on June 28th, Chapter 1 of the tale will explode into theaters, and on August 16th, Chapter 2 will follow suit. With Kevin Costner leading the way, buckle up, get your popcorn, and get ready to set out on an incredible journey into the heart of the American West.

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Kevin Costner's Horizon: An American Saga Trailer Unveils A-List Lineup

Horizon: An American Saga features an ensemble of stars as big as the plains themselves, with a constellation of talent that lights up the silver screen like a flickering campfire beneath the Western sky.

Many amazing performers and actresses accompany Kevin Costner and Jamie Campbell Bower on this epic voyage, each adding a special spark to the flickering flames of the Wild West drama. Sam Worthington and Owen Crow Shoe provide depth to the rough terrain, while Abbey Lee, Sienna Miller, and Jena Malone bring grace and toughness to the frontier setting.


Tim Guinee, Ella Hunt, and Tatanka Means accompany, adding realism and energy to the story. There will definitely be fireworks, as Danny Huston, Colin Cunningham, and Scott Haze are among the cast members.

Hold on to your hats, because the roster keeps getting better. Players like Will Patton, Michael Rooker, and Tom Payne are just a few of the names that are making a lasting impression on the American West. The setting is set for a cinematic experience unlike any other, with talents from Luke Wilson, Isabelle Fuhrman, and Kathleen Quinlan rounding out the cast.

Epic Tale of the Old West's Triumphs and Trials, Unfolding Across Two Chapters in Theaters This Summer

The film allows viewers to observe firsthand the dramatic effects of war on the fabric of American society as the country teeters on the verge of split. Viewers will be taken on an emotional rollercoaster, seeing the highs and lows of a nation ripped apart by conflict via the eyes of friends, family, and opponents alike.


Horizon explores themes of togetherness, sacrifice, and the indestructible human spirit as it digs deep into the essence of what it means to be the United States of America amid the blood, sweat, and tears of many.

Every shot of the picture, from the saloons to the vast plains, from the battlefields to the homesteads, pulsates with the raw energy of a people wrestling with its future.

Horizon: An American Saga promises to enthrall audiences with its rich tapestry of people, heart-stopping action, and timeless themes. Get ready to be enchanted as it unfolds in two captivating chapters. On June 28, Chapter 1 will be released in theatres. On August 16, Chapter 2 will follow suit. So set the dates for this incredible cinematic event, and be ready for an adventure that will leave you speechless and wanting more.

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