Is Prince Harry's US Visa Application Being Reviewed Because of His Memoir Spare? Find Out Here

The review procedure for Prince Harry's US visa is already underway due to his upcoming memoir. Learn more about the reasons behind this scrutiny and how it relates to his book.

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 Here’s All You Need to Know About Prince Harry's US Visa Review
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A judge is considering Prince Harry's application for a US visa in light of his book, Spare, which included admissions about his drug usage. In an attempt to ascertain whether the fifth in line for the throne, along with his spouse, Meghan Markle, lied on his application for a full-time visa, the Heritage Foundation filed a lawsuit against him.

Visa applicants are asked about their past criminal history and drug use in accordance with US visa regulations. "[The case] comes about in the main because HRH [His Royal Highness] voluntarily—and for immense profit—admitted in writing to the elements of any number of controlled substance violations," a filing by the think tank group said.

Prince Harry's Revelations on Drug Use and Life Changes 

In the 2023 book, the 39-year-old Duke of Sussex acknowledged using a variety of drugs, including cocaine and psychedelics. "Psychedelics did me some good as well," he added. "Over the years, I had played around with them for fun, but now I was starting to utilize them medicinally and therapeutically. They did more for me than just let me temporarily escape reality," he went on to say.


"I'm allowed to reinterpret reality. These drugs let me let go of my beliefs and see that there was a world outside of my severely filtered perceptions, one that was equally real and doubly beautiful but devoid of red mist, Harry added. In January 2020, the prince and his spouse left their positions as members of the royal family and relocated to the United States.


Decision Pending on Public Release of Prince Harry's Drug Use Records

It will be decided whether or not to make the materials public after the review. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), citing a lack of "public interest in disclosure sufficient to override the subject's privacy interests," rejected the think tank's request to make the records public in June of last year.

However, US government attorneys have countered that although the Duke acknowledged using drugs in the book, his statements “are not proof” that it actually happened.

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