Meghan Markle's Team Insists Timing of Announcements With Royal Events Is Coincidental; Deets

The people close to Meghan Markle claim that their announcements are timed to align with royal occasions. Read on to learn more!

Published on Jun 29, 2024  |  06:19 PM IST |  47.9K
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A public relations specialist has stated that Meghan Markle is not attempting to take center stage despite the fact that her lifestyle blog launch and product release were announced on the same days as Royal Family activities.

Meghan Markle seems to have a knack for timing her happy announcements with important Royal Family events, but her team maintains that this is all coincidence—a claim that is currently being investigated.

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Meghan's new ventures 

American Riviera Orchard is a lifestyle blog that Meghan revealed. It was done as her latest endeavor on the day that The Diana Award was being celebrated. She was in conjunction with Trooping the Colour last week. 

With this, she also unveiled a new product. Such regularly scheduled overlaps point to a deliberate design rather than pure coincidence. These suggestions were according to critics. 

Sara carefully evaluated Meghan's decision. She speculated, "I would imagine her intention was to capitalize on the high-profile day." However, if she had been my client, I would have advised her to carefully weigh the potential downsides of leveraging that publicity."

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Sara's insights on Meghan's media strategy

Sara admitted that her method was unconventional and that it "could certainly attract attention." Given the ongoing discussion, she went on to recommend more effective ways.

Sara Fruman disclosed Meghan's media attention-grabbing tactics in a recent interview with Express US. Sara emphasized Meghan's variety of approaches, but she also emphasized the need of genuineness and originality in these endeavors. Sara is worried about how much Meghan really embodies these qualities.


Even after Harry and Meghan decided to bring on two more public relations experts for strategic guidance, the industry is still dubious. This is regarding the effectiveness of their strategy. Sara's comments suggest that Meghan and Harry's capacity to manage the PR crisis should be viewed with caution.

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