Mark Wahlberg Debuts New Bald Look Online For His Upcoming Movie; Jokes 'We Go All In'

Mark Wahlberg is nearly unrecognizable on the set of Flight Risk, set to be released on Oct. 18, showcasing his trademark commitment to his roles.

Published on Jul 07, 2024  |  08:58 PM IST |  37.2K
 Mark Wahlberg (Instagram)
Mark Wahlberg (Instagram)

On Wednesday, Mark Wahlberg posted a shirtless picture on Instagram, saying that he had shaved the middle part of his hair for real-life scenes for the new movie he is shooting, Flight Risk. This new look of the 53-year-old actor proves how serious he is about the script for his films.

Flight Risk the film by Mel Gibson is an action thriller with Wahlberg’s character sporting a bald look. The first trailer for the film, which was out on June 27, features Wahlberg driving through the Alaskan wilderness with a seat-imprisoned Air Marshal, Dockery, and a fugitive, Grace.

During the trip, the air marshal and the criminal begin to get doubts about the pilot’s motives on his face value. The pilot, who is supposedly bald and is for some reason wearing a cap, does not seem to be who he is and his action reveals there is more to the character than what meets the eye.

Mark Wahlberg reveals daily head-shaving routine for Flight Risk role

Originally, Mark Wahlberg who stars in Flight Risk, had the top part of his head shaved every day, to play the role well. "There was no bald cap. I shaved the middle and left the horseshoe around the sides. We just shaved it," he told PEOPLE.


"They would shave the top as close to the scalp as possible every day because we didn’t have any stubble or anything. So I just hid it with a hat," the actor added. Wahlberg also said the funniest moment surrounding his look was when his wife saw him after shaving his head for the role. He further mentioned how his kids found the look funny and got lot of laughter out of the same.

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Mark Wahlberg discusses extreme preparation for Father Stu Role, including 30-pound weight gain

Mark Wahlberg has long been known for his commitment towards acting. Similar to how he decided to shave the top part of his head each day in order to avoid wearing a bald cap for Flight Risk, the actor gained  30 pounds in six weeks for his previous movie Father Stu, as per his interview with ET's Cassie DiLaura.

Wahlberg explained that he had six weeks to put on the weight. He started with 7,000 calories a day for the first two weeks and then increased to 11,000 calories for the final four weeks. Initially, the process was exciting, but it quickly became exhausting. Wahlberg even had to drink olive oil by the glass as part of his diet.


Instead of indulging in fun foods like ice cream and pizza, Wahlberg focused on a healthy weight gain. His diet included a dozen eggs, a dozen pieces of bacon, two baked potatoes, a Porterhouse steak, two bowls of white rice, and a glass of olive oil. The first two weeks were high in protein, the next two weeks were heavy on carbs, and the last two weeks focused on starches and sodium to get as bloated as possible.

Flight Risk is set to be released on Oct. 18.

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