Megan Fox’s No-Makeup Look Leaves Internet in Awe of Her; Fans Say Ask 'Who is This?’

Fans were shocked to see Megan Fox without her usual glam, looking totally different with blue hair and a bare face in her recent Instagram post. Many even mistook her to be Kim Kardashian.

Published on Apr 18, 2024  |  03:25 PM IST |  143.6K
Megan Fox - Instagram/ meganfox
Megan Fox - Instagram/ meganfox
Key Highlight
  • Fans are shocked after seeing Megan Fox's recent Insta post without her usual glam and blue hair
  • Several fans thought she resembled reality tv star Kim Kardashian
  • Megan Fox has previously admutted getting plastic surgeries and facial work done

Fans of popular actress Megan Fox had to look twice as she embraced her natural beauty in a makeup-free selfie. Fans seem to be shocked as the actress looked absolutely unrecognizable without her usual glam, The actress took to Instagram and showed off her bare face on Wednesday while preparing to apply Wella Professionals hair treatment to her dyed blue locks and 26-inch extensions post-Coachella. She looked like she was only wearing lip gloss on her plumped lips as her skin glowed without any foundation. The actress has earlier admitted to getting surgeries and work done especially after having kids. Let's take a moment and dive into more details about it. 



Fan reaction to Megan Fox's makeup free pictures 

The fan reaction to Megan Fox's makeup-free pictures on her Instagram were divided. Several fans expressed surprise, with comments like "Who is this?" prompting responses such as, "A confident woman that isn’t hiding behind makeup." Another follower defended Fox, stating, "Y'all never seen a woman without makeup and still look good. F*ck off, you trolls."


One user complimented Fox, saying, "No makeup? Soooo beautiful." However, some mistook her for Kim Kardashian, with one person admitting, "I literally scrolled past and thought this was Kim," and another adding, "Why the hell did I think this was Kim Kardashian?"

Overall, the comments ranged from admiration for her beauty and flawless skin to being stunned at seeing her without her usual glam.


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Megan Fox has opened up about her surgeries in the Call Her Daddy podcast 

The Jennifer Body actress opened up about her ever-changing appearances on Wednesday’s episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast, and while the star talked about all of the procedures she’s had done over the years, there’s one elusive surgery she still can’t get.

Along with host Alexandra Cooper, she discussed everything about her, from her childhood to her relationship dynamics with her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly, his struggle with substance addiction and her multiple plastic surgeries.

“I feel like there’s this stigma, and I’m not going to win,” she said of being frank about her appearance, adding, “I hope it sets some people free.”

The star further said she had her boobs “done conservatively” between the first and second Transformers movies and then again had been redone after she was done breastfeeding her three kids, who she shares with her ex-husband Brian Austin. 

Fox also further addressed the speculation surrounding her alleged multiple nose surgeries and revealed the true cause of her small nose appearance.
“When I was in my early twenties, I got a nose job,” the mother of three shared, mentioning that fans have claimed she has had “six, seven, eight rhinoplasty operations.”

Yet, Fox disclosed that although she has had Botox and filler injections, she contours her nose extensively, causing it to be perceived as having a different appearance, resembling "just nostrils like the Harry Potter Voldemort.


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