‘Most Irresponsible Thing': Jermaine Dupri Slams TikToker Who Made AI-generated Kendrick Lamar Diss Track

Jermaine Dupri criticizes the creation of a fake Kendrick Lamar diss track using AI, as Sy The Rapper reveals himself as the mastermind behind it.

Published on Apr 20, 2024  |  07:53 PM IST |  34.9K
Jermaine Dupri Bashed Out On 'Irresponsible' Kendrick Lamar AI Diss Song
Jermaine Dupri (PC: Getty Images)

In a recent social media post, Jermaine Dupri expressed his disdain for a controversial incident involving the creation of a fake Kendrick Lamar diss track using artificial intelligence (AI). The veteran producer called out the individual responsible for crafting the fabricated song, labeling it as irresponsible. 

Jermaine Dupri slams Kendrick Lamar's AI diss song

The controversy surrounding the fake Kendrick Lamar diss track, titled One Shot, first came to light when it surfaced online on Monday, purportedly targeting other prominent artists such as Drake and J. Cole. Despite initial skepticism from listeners, the song garnered attention and sparked discussions within the hip-hop community. However, doubts regarding its authenticity were raised, prompting further investigation into its origins.

Addressing the issue, Dupri tweeted that the track is one the most irresponsible things he has seen. “This is the dumbest most irresponsible thing I’ve seen in years, Hip Hop is too dangerous and Hip Hop has always gone against fake shit,” he stated.

DJ Dahi, a producer known for his work with Kendrick Lamar, weighed in on the matter, expressing disbelief at the concept of AI-generated diss tracks. “Man we live in a weird time, AI diss tracks!! we need Google authentications to make sure all this shit is real or not lol,” DJ Dahi remarked. 


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Sy The Rapper reveals himself as the mastermind behind the diss tracks

The mystery surrounding the fake diss track was eventually unraveled when Sy The Rapper came forward as the individual behind its creation. In an interview with Complex, Sy revealed that he thought people would easily figure out that the track was false. He shared, “I thought people were going to know that it was AI. Although it did sound real, it sounded like an old version of Kendrick Lamar. It didn't sound like his more up-to-date style, at least in my opinion. The style sounded kind of dated, so I just thought that would be a giveaway, but it wasn't.”


Sy revealed that his initial intention was to produce a track targeting Drake, but unforeseen circumstances led him to pivot to Kendrick Lamar instead. “I was going to make a Drake track first. But his track leaked, and I didn't really get around to doing it,” he stated.

Sy The Rapper (PC: Instagram/sytherapper_)

Further Sy The Rapper talked about how he put himself in the shoes of Lamar to create this fake diss track. He shared, “I just had to place myself in Kendrick's shoes, and it didn’t seem like Kendrick would come out swinging for the kill, considering that the [Drake] song was a ‘leaked’ track. [Drake’s leaked diss song] didn’t officially drop. So I was thinking more so in the mindset of, ‘If I'm Kendrick, I wouldn't want to show my hand too early, since this song has been leaked and it's not an official drop, so I can't just come out swinging. I’ve got to come out with sort of a warning shot.’”

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding the fake Kendrick Lamar diss track serves as a cautionary tale about the potential pitfalls of technology-driven stunts in the world of hip-hop. Jermaine Dupri's condemnation of the incident highlights the need to be cautious of such fake and AI-generated tracks, which are easily available on the internet. 

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Is Jermaine Dupri married to Janet Jackson?
No, Jermaine Dupri was never married to Janet Jackson.

How many Grammys does Jermaine Dupri have?
Jermaine Dupri has two Grammy Awards.

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