Mother Of The Bride Trailer: Mean Girls Director Pairs Up With Brooke Shields, Benjamin Bratt, And Miranda Cosgrove

With the latest Mother of the Bride trailer featuring the renowned Mean Girls director alongside stars Brooke Shields, Benjamin Bratt, and Miranda Cosgrove. Get ready to experience a blend of talent and charm in this upcoming film.

Published on Apr 05, 2024  |  05:35 PM IST |  56.3K
Mean Girls Director Teams With Brooke Shields In Mother Of The Bride Trailer
Mean Girls Director Teams With Brooke Shields In Mother Of The Bride Trailer (PC: IMDb)

Popular American actress Brooke Shields and Film and Television actor  Benjamin Bratt reunite as former sweethearts Lana and Will in Mother of the Bride, set in Thailand. Their unexpected reunion happens at the destination wedding of their children, Emma (Miranda Cosgrove) and RJ (Sean Teale).

Netflix's fresh 2-minute trailer offers glimpses of their awkward encounters as they strive to make the trip and wedding memorable for their kids, all while handling their own baggage and lingering romantic feelings.

Towards the end of the trailer, Emma tells Lana, “It's time to focus on yourself a bit more and less on me. I just want you to find happiness.”

Directed by Mark Waters (Mean Girls), this romantic comedy also stars Chad Michael Murray, Rachael Harris, Wilson Cruz, Michael McDonald, Tasneem Roc, and Dalip Sondhi.

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Brooke Shields on Benjamin Bratt's role and wife's visit

In a recent interview about the exclusive preview of Mother of the Bride, Waters, 59, explained to PEOPLE that Bratt's broad appeal made him the perfect fit for the leading role of Will.


"I've noticed that romantic comedies often feature male leads who other men don't universally like," he explained. "As a man, I wanted someone who both women and men, relatable and likeable, would believe."


Brooke Shields, also a producer on the film, told PEOPLE that Benjamin Bratt is effortlessly charming as a love interest. She also expressed joy over Bratt's wife, Talisa Soto, joining the shoot in Thailand.

"She's a refined, beautiful woman," the 58-year-old actress remarked. "She perfectly embodies that, and I was thrilled she chose to join us for the initial part of filming."

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Miranda Cosgrove: Bonding fast with Mother of the Bride cast in Thailand

Miranda Cosgrove, 30, told PEOPLE that during the six weeks of filming in Thailand, the cast spent almost every day together. She noted that being far from home in a new place allowed them to get to know each other quickly.

For Brooke Shields, filming with her castmates felt akin to theater due to being thrust into a foreign environment together. They were constantly in each other's company.

"We all stayed together, which was great. Our accommodations were close to each other," Brooke Shields explained.

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Miranda Cosgrove draws from personal bond for Mother of the Bride's role

Miranda Cosgrove realized that while Benjamin Bratt and Brooke's characters have comedic tension and romantic plots, the true emotional core lies in the mother-daughter relationship.

“Honestly, the scene where Emma visits Lana in her bedroom the night before the wedding is the most emotional moment in the movie for me," he said.

Miranda Cosgrove credited her close bond with her mom for influencing how she portrayed Emma's relationship with Lana, stating she had ample material to draw from.

"But Brooke Shields is really warm and affectionate. Even after just an hour of talking to her, you feel like you've known her for ages," added the iCarly actress. "She's just really welcoming."

Mother of the Bride streams on Netflix starting May 9.

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