SNL Weekend Update: Michael Che Makes O.J. Simpson Joke While Colin Jost Rips Into Trump’s Abortion Comments

SNL's Weekend Update delivers sharp satire on O.J. Simpson's death and Donald Trump's abortion comments, garnering massive laughter.

Published on Apr 14, 2024  |  04:03 PM IST |  62.2K
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O.J. Simpson and Donald Trump (PC: Getty Images/IMDb )

This week's episode of Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update took a satirical dive into current events, with Michael Che and Colin Jost delivering their trademark blend of humor and social commentary. Among the topics covered were the recent death of O.J. Simpson and the controversial comments by the former president of the USA, Donal Trump, on abortion rights. 

Michael Che joked about O.J. Simpson’s death 

As the death of O.J. Simpson became the point of discussion during the recent episode of Saturday Night Live, Michael Che was prompted to deliver a witty punchline about Simpson's battle with prostate cancer. “O.J. Simpson died this week at the age of 76 after a battle with prostate cancer–that was planted on him by the LAPD,” Che remarked humorously. 

The passing of O.J. Simpson, a figure whose life and legal troubles have long captivated the public's attention, was met with a characteristic SNL response. Simpson's death reignited discussions about his complex legacy, which spans from his illustrious football career to his controversial acquittal in the trial for the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman. Despite being found not guilty in the criminal trial, Simpson's involvement in the case and subsequent legal battles surely managed to keep his name constantly in the headlines. 



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Donald Trump and Colin Jost in Saturday Night Live (IMDb)

Colin Jost roasted Donal Trump’s abortion comments on SNL 

In addition to addressing Simpson's passing, Colin Jost aimed former President Donald Trump's recent comments on abortion, showcasing SNL's penchant for political satire. Jost seized on a viral moment involving a typographical error in a news article, where Trump was mistakenly written instead of Simpson. Leveraging this mishap, Jost joked, "It’s not a great sign for Trump that even autocorrect thinks he belongs in jail," eliciting laughter from the audience and underscoring the ongoing legal challenges faced by the former president.

Jost didn't stop there, turning his attention to Trump's controversial remarks on abortion, which have sparked intense debate and scrutiny. Trump falsely claimed that Democrats support abortion up to and beyond the ninth month, employing hyperbolic language to criticize his political opponents. 

Jost didn't hold back in his critique, quipping, "In a video on Truth Social, Donald Trump falsely said that Democrats support abortion up to the ninth month and beyond, saying the baby is executed after birth. But he only thinks that happens because when Trump was a baby, a bunch of time travelers showed up trying to kill him," drawing attention to the absurdity of Trump's rhetoric.

Furthermore, Jost addressed the recent decision by the Arizona Supreme Court to uphold a Civil War-era law banning most abortions, highlighting the ongoing battles over reproductive rights in the United States. To this, Jost joked, “It’s probably not great to adopt healthcare rules from a time when the only two things doctors prescribed were prayer and cocaine.”

Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update continues to deliver sharp, timely satire that resonates with audiences across the globe. From addressing the passing of controversial figures like O.J. Simpson to skewering political figures like Donald Trump, the show continues with its legacy of humorously calling out public figures for their deeds. 

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