Top Gun 3 Big UPDATE: Tom Cruise Has Been Pitched Storyline; Jerry Bruckheimer Reveals

Has the action superstar Tom Cruise already received a script for Top Gun 3? Producer Jerry Bruckheimer reveals

Published on Mar 29, 2024  |  05:44 AM IST |  46.3K
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Top Gun: Maverick made huge numbers at the box office. Tom Cruise did justice to the role as Pete Mitchell. After working in challenging action flicks like Mission Impossible, Jack Reacher and The Mummy, the 61-year-old veteran actor has been offered the third part for Top Gun? Producer of the hit franchise Jerry Bruckheimer reveals.

Has Tom Cruise been offered Top Gun 3?

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Yes. No one other than the action master Tom Cruise can be offered Top Gun 3. While it is true that talks for a part three is underway, producer Jerry Bruckheimer also reveals how the actor has multiple movies lined up, but has liked the script for part three. This has been reported by People. As per Jerry, “we’re working on” Top Gun 3. Jerry spoke about Top Gun 3 while promoting his new film with the filmmaker Guy Ritchie called The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. 80-year-old Jerry said, "We pitched Tom a story he liked. But he's a very in-demand actor and he's got a lot of movies lined up, so we have to wait and see.” According to Jerry, Tom Cruise is a hard worker. He also adds to People,  "A lot of actors, they finish the day, they get in their car and they go home. Tom stays around, talks to the other actors, looks at the film that they shot, wants to know what's happening tomorrow. He's really engaged in every part of the process." When asked about the success of the franchise nearly 25 years later, a proud Jerry said, "Oh, it's fantastic." He also added, "Just the fact that we can entertain so many people around the world was something that we worked so hard on. It is just the best there is, just to stand back in the theater and watch an audience applaud and cry and laugh. Laughter is the best thing in the world."


How did Top Gun: Maverick perform at the box office?

Top Gun: Maverick stunned the box office in 2022 with a gross collection of $1.5 Billion worldwide. The sequel made more money than the first part and stood at one of the highest grossing sequels in the domestic box office and the fifth highest grossing movie of all time in the USA, and 12th largest across the world. The official synopsis of the film reads as, “Thirty years of service leads Maverick to train a group of elite TOPGUN graduates to prepare for a high-profile mission while Maverick battles his past demons.” As we wait for Jerry’s new action flick with Henry Cavil named The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, stay tuned to Pinkvilla for more updates.

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