Why Did Camila Cabello Go Blonde? Singer Opens Up About 'Brave' Decision

Camila Cabello has opted for a new blonde hairstyle. Cabello opened up about her brave decision during a cover story with Puss Puss Magazine.

Published on Feb 25, 2024  |  06:04 PM IST |  87.8K
 Camila Cabello Go Blonde
Exploring Why Camila Cabello Go Blonde As She Opens Up About 'Brave' Decision (PC: Getty Images)

Camila Cabello has recently embraced a new blonde hairstyle, courtesy of hair colorist Nikki Lee and hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos. The platinum blonde strands were filmed at different angles, creating a wet texture. Cabello wore a cropped white tee, low-rise pants, and a black G-string grazing her hips, while her attire resembled '90s Pamela Anderson. She paired the retro-inspired look with a glam look by makeup artist Patrick Ta, who rimmed her eyes with a slightly smudged black eyeliner and a glossy brown lip.

Camila Cabello opens up about going blonde

Camila Cabello opened up about her chaotic and brave decision to go blonde during her cover story with Puss Puss Magazine which was published on Wednesday, February 21.

“I feel like I needed to have a different physical appearance,” she told the publication while also teasing her upcoming album. “Something different to kind of help me channel that energy that I accessed in my songwriting voice more.” She noted that her platinum tresses helped her rediscover her unhinged sparkle.

Cabello recently shared her dramatic hair transformation from her signature brunette mane on Instagram, showcasing her dark roots and bangs while pushing her wet hair around. “It’s time >:),” she captioned the post, seemingly teasing new music.

In addition to hair, Cabello has been experimenting with her fashion sense. “I think what’s been lighting me up is, I don’t know, some grunge, some Y2K styles,” she told Puss Puss. "I also discovered Dover Street Market, and that was a big game changer for me, seeing more kinds of weird out of the states fashion brands. It’s just something I was never around when I was younger.”


The singer gushed that she she fell in love with fashion and uses clothes as a language for the period in her life. She added, “I think the music influences how I dress and how I dress kind of feeds back into the music.”

Although Cabello has not yet announced the name of her album or a release date, she teased that fans can expect reinvention of herself. “I feel like so much of the album has a through line and there’s definitely more themes that the album touches,” she explained, adding that the project touches on feeling “confused” and “lonely” after a breakup. “It’s just kind of me wrestling with these feelings and me kind of being really present on a particular feeling and exploring it. I feel like a lot of songs on the album are that.”

Camila Cabello is getting candid about her love life on her latest album

Camila Cabello is expressing her emotions through her upcoming fourth album, hinting at a difficult relationship, however it's not yet clear if the songs directly reference her 2021 breakup with ex-boyfriend Shawn Mendes. "It's me sitting with this feeling of understanding," she told Puss Puss in an interview published Feb. 21, "that I feel really confused as a 26-year-old."

The Havana singer continued, "I really felt I was in love with this person. Now I feel kind of lonely and small and weird, but at the same time, I'm an adult and I feel so strong in other areas of my life, but not this one."

Camila, who went through a tough break up with Lox Club CEO Austin Kevitch last year, views her album as a chance to explore her feelings and experiences beyond love. 

"There's just the wrestling of those feelings without it being kind of neat or in a box. You can't really say that it's a sad song, you can't really pin it down," she explained. "It's just kind of me wrestling with these feelings and me kind of being really present on a particular feeling and exploring it."

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