HYBE says data of Min Hee Jin badmouthing NewJeans obtained legally; asks ADOR CEO to provide proof against usurpation plans in court

After CEO Min Hee Jin’s detailed personal statement on May 19, HYBE released a statement arguing they have proof of her meeting investors and planning to take over ADOR.

Updated on May 19, 2024  |  06:23 PM IST |  150.8K
ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin: Getty Images, Bang Si Hyuk: HYBE
ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin: Getty Images, Bang Si Hyuk: HYBE

HYBE and Min Hee Jin’s conflict over management rights and power have moved ahead as Min Hee Jin released a new personal statement on the morning of May 19 KST. This is her first statement after her shocking press conference in April. 

HYBE hours after released a statement refuting Min Hee Jin’s claims and contended that they have proof of her litigious plans to take over ADOR through investors, and badmouthing NewJeans. 

HYBE proclaims every proof against Min Hee Jin trying to take over ADOR, badmouthing NewJeans was obtained legally 

HYBE in their latest statement first of all expressed remorse over Min Hee Jin’s unprofessional behavior for using emotions to cloud everyone’s judgement during the time of legal trial. 

They said that although Min Hee Jin says she wants to keep artists out of this battle, she has mentioned artists displaying her unprofessionalism. HYBE added CEO Min Hee Jin is masking the main issue here with her inciting language and emotional inducements. They further said that Min Hee Jin’s purposes have been proven by facts and evidence.  

HYBE again pressured that they have clear chats of CEO Min Hee Jin where she has tried to involve external investors which proves her impure intentions. Reiterating that they have proof of Min Hee Jin trying to usurp ADOR’s management, involvement with shaman, and disrespectful comments against female employees and artists like NewJeans. HYBE added such behavior by her is enough to deem her an inappropriate CEO. 


HYBE added that the opposite to Min Hee Jin’s claim that they have acquired data and evidence illegally and manipulated it is utterly false. They said they had informed the court that they acquired data through the legal process and submitted original evidence without any misconduct. 

HYBE says they hope Min Hee Jin acts more professionally 

HYBE ended the statement by saying that instead of tainting artists’ names or speaking tilted truths in front of the media Min Hee Jin would act more professionally from now on. They hope she will participate in all legal proceedings and the audit with sincerity. 

Presently, CEO Min Hee Jin and HYBE’s trial is afoot where she is trying to prevent the company from removing her from her position during the emergency meeting on May 31.

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