'I'm really crying': KISS OF LIFE's Natty reacts to BTS' RM's support of her solo track Sugercoat

KISS OF LIFE's Natty expresses surprise and heartfelt gratitude as BTS' RM shared her solo song Sugarcoat on his Instagram stories. Read on!

Published on Apr 11, 2024  |  07:06 PM IST |  135.9K
KISS OF LIFE's Natty, BTS' RM; Image Courtesy: S2 Entertainment, BIGHIT MUSIC
KISS OF LIFE's Natty, BTS' RM; Image Courtesy: S2 Entertainment, BIGHIT MUSIC
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  • KISS OF LIFE's Natty reacts to RM's cheer on her solo song Sugarcoat
  • All you need to know about KISS OF LIFE's Natty

BTS' RM recently showed his support for fourth-gen idol Natty's solo track Sugarcoat, sparking excitement among fans. Natty, from KISS OF LIFE, expressed her gratitude and excitement, revealing she was moved to tears by RM's acknowledgment.

Natty’s reaction to RM’s shoutout for Sugarcoat

KISS OF LIFE's Natty has been overwhelmed with emotion after receiving unexpected support from none other than BTS' RM. The renowned BTS member recently shared an Instagram story featuring himself listening to Natty's solo track Sugarcoat, igniting excitement among fans and netizens alike.

Natty's solo endeavor garnered widespread acclaim last year, with Sugarcoat quickly becoming a fan favorite due to its infectious melody and captivating charm. RM's shoutout of the song further solidified its popularity, showcasing the broad appeal and talent of Natty and her group, KISS OF LIFE.

Netizens were particularly impressed by RM's willingness to support artists outside of his own company and genre, highlighting his genuine appreciation for music and dedication to uplifting fellow artists. His gesture not only amplified Natty's visibility but also underscored the camaraderie and mutual respect within the K-Pop community.

In response to RM's show of support, Natty took to her Bubble account to express her gratitude and excitement, revealing that she was moved to tears by his acknowledgment. Her heartfelt reaction resonated with fans, demonstrating the profound impact of RM's encouragement on emerging artists like Natty.



More details about KISS OF LIFE’s Natty

Natty aka Anatchaya Suputhipong, is a talented Thai singer who is soaring to success in the South Korean music industry. Rising to prominence as a contestant on Mnet's Sixteen and Idol School, Natty showcased her remarkable vocal prowess and stage presence. Despite facing setbacks, including eliminations from both competitions, Natty persevered and continued to pursue her passion for music.

In April 2020, Natty embarked on her solo career under Swing Entertainment, releasing her debut single album Nineteen and captivating audiences with her soulful voice. Transitioning to S2 Entertainment in 2022, Natty embarked on a new chapter, debuting as a member of the 4-member girl group KISS OF LIFE in July 2023. With her determination, talent, and charisma, Natty continues to captivate fans worldwide with her music and performances, solidifying her status as a rising star in the K-Pop scene.

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