Jeon Do Yeon reveals her daughter's reaction to her on-screen romance in Crash Course in Romance

Crash Course in Romance fame Jeon Do Yeon recently spoke about her role in the drama where she revealed her daughter’s candid reaction to her on-screen romance.

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Cast of Crash Course in Romance; Picture Courtesy: TVING
Cast of Crash Course in Romance; Picture Courtesy: TVING

South Korean actress Jeon Do Yeon was recently seen in K-drama Crash Course in Romance where she plays the role of Nam Haeng Seon, a resilient single mother who does everything in her capacity to ensure her daughter gets the finest education possible. Nam Haeng Seon’s tough life gets tougher when she realises that she is late to the cut-throat race of college admissions where parents have already enrolled their children in prestigious preparatory classes. A faint silver lining appears when she discovers that she might have an interesting offer for a celebrity maths tutor. 

Jeon Do Yeon’s daughter’s reaction

Jeon Do Yeon received massive recognition for her role in the show. Everything about the show starting from her character to her unique sense of style was liked by the audience. In a recent interview, when asked about her family’s reaction, Jeon Do Yeon responded by saying that her daughter who is currently in middle school refused to watch the show stating that her classmates would subject her to a lot of questions regarding her mother’s on-screen romance. Jeon Do Yeon’s daughter also added to her aforementioned statement that the show was so sweet that it was making her teeth rot. 

Jeon Do Yeon

Jeon Do Yeon is a South Korean actress who rose to international fame following the release of Crash Course in Romance. Her role in the drama was loved and admired for its rawness. The show was quick to top trending charts and win multiple popularity rankings including the Popularity Award at KBS Drama Awards. Jeon Do Yeon herself was nominated for and won a plethora of popularity awards including the ones at the Blue Dragon Film Awards and the KBS drama Awards. 


Crash Course in Romance started airing in early January this year. The show had a unique premise that went back-and-forth between the trials and tribulations of adults and high-school seniors. The show was able to maintain a fine balance between humour and reality throughout its run and was therefore loved by audiences worldwide. Prior to Crash Course in Romance, Jeon Do Yeon was also seen in popular South Korean movies like Secret Sunshine, My Dear Enemy and The Housemaid. 

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