Know how BTS’ J-Hope’s continuous generous but anonymous donations helped save a dog shelter

BTS’ J-Hope is known for his sweet and generous heart which he proved again by being a secret donor at a dog shelter which helped save it and make for better living conditions. Read on to know more.

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J-Hope (Image Credits- BIGHIT MUSIC)
J-Hope (Image Credits- BIGHIT MUSIC)

BTS' J-Hope has once again captured fans' admiration with his kind and generous spirit. He touched hearts by quietly making a donation to the Imgok dog shelter in Busan over the past year. 

On August 31, 2023, a post titled BTS' J-Hope sponsors abandoned dogs at Imgok Abandoned Dog Shelter surfaced on the Korean forum theqoo, quickly gaining attention. It was later disclosed that despite being in military service, the rapper had been silently supporting the shelter through donations.

BTS’ J-Hope’s donations to the dog shelter

On August 31, 2023, a blog post began to gain attention after revealing that BTS' J-Hope had been quietly supporting a dog shelter. A representative from a glass manufacturing company named Yeonjoo Glass shared a post detailing how they were approached regarding donations for a dog shelter, which they also happen to operate. It was revealed that J-Hope's mother had reached out to the shelter on his behalf.

After ARMYs learned of the news, they expressed their joy and pride for J-Hope and his mother's generous act toward the Imgok dog shelter. Prior to BTS' J-Hope's donation through his mother, the Imgok dog shelter faced dire circumstances. Operated by volunteers, the shelter lacked sufficient funds to improve the living conditions for the dogs. 


In February 2022, the blog post about the shelter from the glass manufacturing company was read by a woman who upon further discovery was none other than J-Hope’s mother. The company was astonished when they realized who had reached out. J-Hope's mother explained that upon seeing the poor state of the shelter, she felt compelled to lend a helping hand.


During heavy rain and typhoons, the fragile shelter structure would often collapse, leaving the dogs vulnerable. With no sponsors or donors, a single lady took on the responsibility of managing and protecting the dogs. Despite not knowing the source of the help initially, they were immensely grateful for the helping hand extended to them.

The dogs were finally given a safe place to call home. New floors and structures were installed at the Imgok dog shelter to enhance the safety of the dogs, thanks to J-Hope's undisclosed but significant donation. Additionally, fresh supplies of dog food and warm blankets were provided. The authorities at the shelter commended the rapper for his ongoing support, as he continued to send donations and dog food even after enlisting in the military. 

J-Hope himself owns a Shih Tzu named Mickey, characterized by white fur with large brown spots and well-rounded eyes. Mickey resides with the rapper's family in Gwangju, South Korea, and has previously dealt with health issues like glaucoma and cataracts.

More about J-Hope’s philanthropic works

J-Hope has been a proud member of the Green Noble Club, an esteemed group acknowledging significant donors to Child Fund Korea, since 2018. On February 18, 2019, he made a generous donation of 100 million Won (approximately 90,000 USD) to support individuals attending his high school alma mater in Gwangju. 

Previously, in December 2018, he quietly contributed 150 million Won (about 135,000 USD) to the same cause, choosing to keep the donation private at the time. Fans consistently admire J-Hope's compassionate nature and his unwavering generosity towards various charitable endeavors.

On May 4 2021, in honor of Children's Day, J-Hope donated 100 million Won to aid children impacted by violence in Tanzania, Africa. This substantial contribution was facilitated through a Korean charity he ardently supports.

The charity organization reported that the singer expressed his desire for the donation to extend a helping hand to all children in need. J-Hope consistently demonstrates his commitment to giving back to society and supporting causes dear to his heart through diverse charity outreach programs.


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