‘Namjoon did the spiderman meme’: 10 hilarious tweets by ARMYs on BTS’ RM’s comeback MV LOST from Right Place Wrong Person

BTS’ RM has finally made his awaited comeback with his second solo album Right Place, Wrong Person. Let’s take a look at some of the hilarious tweets related to the music video.

Published on May 24, 2024  |  02:30 PM IST |  105.4K
RM (Image Credits- BIGHIT MUSIC)
RM (Image Credits- BIGHIT MUSIC)

BTS’ RM has made his much-anticipated comeback with his second solo album, Right Place, Wrong Person, featuring the title track LOST. LOST is an alternative pop song that explores the feelings of being unable to find answers and feeling lost due to contradictory emotions. 

The song conveys that even in such confusing times, being with friends can make things more bearable. Since its release on May 24th, the song has been making waves. Let's take a look at some of the hilarious tweets by ARMYs in response to the song.

Jungkook snooping around in RM’s brain

In one particular scene of the LOST music video, there are clay models with head tags indicating that they are in different parts of Namjoon’s (RM) brain. These figures have giant eyes, prompting fans to humorously speculate that it must be Jungkook snooping around, given his large eyes and his reputation as the adorable maknae of BTS who loves the BTS’ leader wholeheartedly.

Namjoon saving the industry

BTS fans have lovingly dubbed RM the father of K-pop because of his heartfelt music, rich with deep metaphors, artistic values, and lyricism that sets him apart. Fans are rejoicing as RM returns to the music scene with his second solo album and its title track, celebrating his unique contributions to the music scene.

Literally Cinema

RM is known for creating high-quality and aesthetically pleasing music videos for his songs, and this time he has hit it out of the park with the trippy yet fascinating music video for LOST.


The spiderman meme 

In the LOST music video, RM has cleverly recreated the iconic Spiderman meme where three Spider-Men stand in front of each other, pointing in shock. In his version, three RMs are seen pointing at each other, adding a playful touch to the video and a nod to the meme.

Indians keep winning

BTS has often shown appreciation for India through various mentions of Indian food, music, and culture. Jungkook was seen vibing to the song Nattu Nattu, V greeted fans with Namaste, and Jimin revealed that he has watched the Bollywood film 3 Idiots. In RM’s music video LOST too, actor Tarsvinder Singh Sihra appears as a host and interacts with RM, leading fans to celebrate this inclusion and remark that India keeps winning with BTS.

The Wig theory

In the LOST music video, RM is seen wearing various wigs multiple times, representing different versions of himself throughout the video. In two specific scenes, he appears as the cameraman and the host, both while wearing wigs. The blonde wig is a nod to an old Instagram post of his, allowing fans to connect the dots. The black wig reminds fans of a character the rapper portrayed during a skit for their Muster concert.


RM leaving studio after LOST

Given the deep wordplay, hidden meanings, and aesthetic qualities of LOST, fans are humorously imagining how RM must have looked leaving his studio after recording such an amazing track.

Actor Namjoon

With the impressive acting showcased by RM in his music videos for both Come back to me and LOST, fans are eagerly requesting to see actor RM on their screens soon.

RM’s cactus pen

Fans are joking about the power held by RM's cactus pen, humorously saying that RM used the pen to write the masterpieces featured on his new album.

Unserious like a fever dream

The entire music video, although spectacular, is highly trippy and funny. Many fans have found certain scenes hilarious, and for some, the entire experience feels like a fever dream.


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