Did Neha Sharma's political lineage affect her career in film industry? Actress has THIS to say

Recently, Neha Sharma discussed whether her father's political background had any impact on her career in the film industry.

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Did Neha Sharma's political lineage affect her career in film industry? Actress has THIS to say
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Actress Neha Sharma returns with the highly anticipated third season of the courtroom drama Illegal. Known for her memorable roles in various films, Sharma has captivated audiences with her performances. Notably, her father, Ajit Sharma, serves as the current Congress Legislative Party leader in Bihar, and Neha actively supports him by campaigning.

Now, Neha Sharma addressed whether her father's political connection has impacted her career in the film industry.

Neha Sharma on whether her career got affected due to her father's political background

In an interview with India Today, Neha shared that her father's political affiliations never cast a shadow on her career. She explained, "I started in Bollywood around 15 years back and my dad won his first election in 2014."

The actress added, "So, we kind of started at the same time and he wasn't powerful back then. So, I never felt that people believed that her father was from Congress and that we support the opposition, so it's an issue. This has never backfired for me."

Neha Sharma elaborated that while she cannot confirm if individuals from the opposition might have taken issue with her campaigning for her father, she emphasized that her journey in the film industry has been solely based on her talent and dedication.


She clarified that her support for her father is akin to any child supporting their parents and is not aligned with promoting a specific political party or ideology. Neha underscored that she has consistently been cast based on her talent and hopes this will continue to be the case in the future.

Neha Sharma on not getting good roles 

The actress further commented that the scarcity of substantial roles might be attributed to filmmakers' preference for collaborating with people they are friends with. She added, "That's how it works in every industry. It's more fun to work with people you know, and are friends with. As for the political aspect, I don't think it has been a disadvantage ever, I never felt that."

About Illegal 3

Under the direction of Sahir Raza, the series stars Neha Sharma, Piyush Mishra, Akshay Oberoi, Satyadeep Misra, and a host of other talented actors.

In Illegal 3, the storyline revolves around lawyer Niharika Singh, portrayed by Neha Sharma, aiming to attain the status of Delhi's foremost legal authority. Her quest compels her to confront her ingrained beliefs, leading to a captivating clash of ideologies with Janardhan Jaitely, portrayed by Piyush Mishra.


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