OPINION: Why Imtiaz Ali's interest in horror films is super exciting

Imtiaz Ali recently expressed his desire to make a 'good horror film.' Here's why watching a supernatural movie he directed would be super exciting.

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OPINION: Why Imtiaz Ali's interest in horror films is super exciting
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Imtiaz Ali is one of the most loved filmmakers of Bollywood. Some of his films may not have worked at the box office, but all of them had a substantial impact on the hearts and souls of the audience. 

One thing that has always been common in Imtiaz's films is the protagonist's journey of self-discovery. Sometimes this journey takes them to the right destination, sometimes they end up nowhere. They often also realize that the journey is better than the destination. However, the journey has always been a great part of Imtiaz's protagonist's life, and the filmmaker has always presented it in a very intimate way (talking in terms of soul). 

Imtiaz Ali's interest in making a horror film

I felt very excited when Imtiaz Ali recently expressed his interest in making a horror film. While speaking at Ranveer Allahabadia's podcast, Imtiaz shared that he'd love to make a horror film in the future, but the sole focus of it won't be on scaring the audience. 

Though he didn't give a clear idea of what's shaping up in his mind, as a close observer of his cinema and interviews, I can't stop thinking about it.

What would a horror film directed by Imtiaz Ali look like?

Going by his way of taking his hero or heroine on a journey of self-discovery, there's always a catalyst that shapes it up. When the hero goes through tough times, there's a heroine to help him out, and when the female protagonist goes through hard times, the hero comes to the rescue. Sometimes, both of them help each other find themselves, and we saw that in Jab We Met, Jab Harry Met Sejal, Love Aaj Kal 2020.


But imagine that one of the leads is not the protagonist but an antagonist who takes the other on a destructive journey. Imagine one of his leads is so much in love with the other that they end up destroying their lives because the other one influenced or charmed them in doing so. Imagine the lead protagonist falling in love with a spirit and exploring the channels beyond the material world where they can be together!

Of course, all of this is my wild imagination, and Imtiaz may end up making something completely different, but a little bit of overthinking is not bad, right?

Imtiaz Ali - one of the best names to direct a horror film

The kind of films Imtiaz Ali has made in the past makes me believe in his potential as a horror filmmaker. Moreover, the fact that he wants to make a 'good horror film' and is giving the idea and script more time to develop means that he won't do it unless he thinks he has the perfect story to go.


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