‘No one called me': Kim Hye Yoon clarifies lack of love calls resulting in limited Lovely Runner promotions

Kim Hye Yoon, the lead of the recent viral K-drama Lovely Runner has finally spoken over the issue of her agency not promoting her more, says variety shows had not approached her.

Updated on May 29, 2024  |  05:28 PM IST |  215.2K
Kim Hye Yoon; Image: tvN
Kim Hye Yoon; Image: tvN

Kim Hye Yoon is the actress who received a lot of love and fan following for her role as Im Sol in the recent viral hit K-drama Lovely Runner. Her agency was under fire by fans for not promoting the actress enough during the show’s successful run. 

The actress has finally broken the silence on the issue, defending her agency by clarifying that there was a lack of love calls which resulted in limited Lovely Run promotions. 

Kim Hye Yoon defending her agency says she did not receive love calls resulting in limited promotions

Kim Hye Yoon saw a huge surge in her popularity after the release of Lovely Runner. She played the female lead, Im Sol alongside Byeon Woo Seok who was seen as Ryu Sun Jae. The K-drama went on to become a buzzworthy hit however, there was a backlash from fans against Kim Hye Yoon’s agency over the lack of promotions. 

The actress in a recent interview with Star News spoke about her agency Artist Company receiving criticism for lack of variety show appearances. Kim Hye Yoon said she was a bit taken aback but understood it as the K-drama Lovely Runner was such a big hit and it had a major influence. She recalled that her fans had never done this before so she was a bit surprised. 

However, she went on to elucidate the whole issue of her limited promotional activities for Lovely Runner. The Lovely Runner actress explained that she had a lack of love calls (variety show invitations), ‘no one called me’ which in the end resulted in limited promotional activities. She added they had never rejected any offer, and if there are offers she would love to appear. 


More about Kim Hye Yoon

Kim Hye Yoon has recently soared to huge popularity because of her lead role in the timeslip romance Lovely Runner which received much love around the world.

The actress has portrayed unforgettable characters in K-dramas such as Extraordinary You, Snowdrop, and Secret Royal Inspector & Joy. Additionally, she has received acclaim for her performances in the films The Girl on a Bulldozer and Midnight.

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