Chris Jericho Reveals Possible Retirement Timeframe From Pro-Wrestling And Why He Turned Heel

Chris Jericho recently talked about the time when he might return from professional wrestling and why he turned the heel.

Published on May 30, 2024  |  06:31 PM IST |  44.6K
Chris Jericho Reveals Retirement Timeframe From Pro-Wrestling And Why He Turned Heel
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Chris Jericho is a seasoned veteran, boasting a wrestling career of over three decades. He is currently signed to AEW, flourishing in different gimmicks over there. At the age of 53, the former AEW Champion is still going strong and showing no sign of retirement. 

Chris Jericho’s retirement timeline

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Y2J was asked about his possible time to hang up boots from the squared circle. Drawing a comparison with The Rolling Stones vocalist Mick Jagger, Jericho said he saw the band perform this past week. Despite being 80 years old, Mick possesses an abundance of energy and looks like he is from a different planet. 

Jericho explained that Mick Jagger's high energy is rooted in the fact that he has been a musician since his teenage years. The Le Champion, who debuted as a wrestler at the age of 20, said, "I think it's the same with me. You know, I don't see myself as 53. I don't feel like 53, I don't work like I'm 53". 

He is still actively wrestling full-time due to his love and instinct for professional wrestling. Taking his words into account, he might have a few years remaining in his wrestling career. 

The reason behind Jericho's recent heel turn in AEW

Utilizing his creativity, talent, and experience, he is consistently delivering standout performances in AEW's mid-card division. At present, he is the proud holder of the FTW Championship. He recently turned heel as The Learning Tree. 

Talking to KCAL News recently, the FTW Championship discussed the reason behind his heel turn. According to him, in the art of professional wrestling, it is key to comprehend the ideas of a good guy and a bad guy. 


Comparing professional wrestling with soap operas, the seasoned wrestler said, "You know he is a good guy, and then suddenly something happens, and you don't like him for a while. And you have to read the room on that. " 

Meanwhile, his last babyface run got stale, prompting him to turn heel. With a wealth of experience portraying bad guys, he is a natural heel. He is doing a commendable job playing the current Learning Tree character. 

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