Is Tom Brady Vegan? Exploring the NFL Legend's Plant-Powered Diet

Discover if NFL legend Tom Brady follows a vegan diet and explore the plant-based eating habits fueling his remarkable longevity. Get insight into Brady's holistic approach to fitness and diet.

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Exploring Tom Brady's Plant-Based Diet
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Even after retiring from the NFL, Tom Brady at 46, still defies the expectations of an athlete's longevity in the sport. Many have been asking what the secrets underlying his approach including his diet are, given his peak fitness visibility. Is the seven-time Super Bowl champion a vegan?

The truth is no, but according to his personal chef Allen Campbell, Brady consumes a diet that is about 80% plant-based. Tom's diet is 80 percent vegetables, according to Campbell. "A typical daily menu might include a breakfast smoothie with almond milk, seeds, nuts and a banana, a salad with legumes for lunch, and quinoa with greens for dinner,” revealed Campbell.

Why a Plant-Based Diet for Tom Brady?

Brady places a strong focus on plant-based foods high in nutrients, which seems to be a calculated decision to speed up recovery, lower inflammation, and enhance overall well-being. According to Campbell, "A plant-based diet has the power to reverse and prevent disease."

A plant-based diet has been shown in numerous studies to have anti-inflammatory properties that can help muscles recover from strenuous exercise. Additionally, plants are high in nutrients but low in calories, giving athletes long-lasting energy without overtaxing their digestive systems.


Brady is part of a growing cohort of elite athletes who have embraced plant-based or plant-focused diets, including tennis icons Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams, NBA star Chris Paul, and Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

Brady eats mostly plant-based meals, but occasionally he will also include lean animal proteins like chicken in his diet. But he recently expressed his backing to TB12's new plant-based protein powder, claiming that its amino acid composition is "optimal for muscle growth and recovery."


Made from only one source—peas—the powder fits in with Brady's focus on consuming foods that are ethical, sustainable, and health-conscious. He posted on Instagram, saying, "The powder contains amino acids, which are optimal for muscle growth and recovery."

Tom Brady's Holistic Approach

Diet is just one component of Brady's comprehensive approach to physical and mental well-being. He is known to engage in resistance band workouts up to three times per day during the season and receives deep tissue massage treatments from his body coach, Alex Guerrero.

"I think that arm gets rubbed and milked more than the entire cow population in the state of California," teammate Julian Edelman quipped about the extent of Brady's bodywork.

While some of Brady's methods have drawn skepticism, his results are undeniable. At an age when most players are long retired, he plans to make a comeback, thanks in part to his pioneering, plant-focused dietary regimen.

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