Klay Thompson Is ‘One Upping’ Stephen Curry’s #30 Claims Fans After Former Warriors Star Picks #31 For Mavericks

Klay Thompson chooses #31 for the Mavericks, leading fans to speculate if he’s 'one-upping' on Stephen Curry's iconic #30. Find out all the fan reactions about Klay’s decision to choose #31.

Published on Jul 07, 2024  |  10:55 PM IST |  77K
Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson proudly donned the #11 jersey of Golden State Warriors for 13 years in the NBA before joining Dallas Mavericks in this off-season. The 3-point shooting legend is known for being one of the greatest ever to wear the No. 11 jersey in the NBA. 

However, as he starts his journey with the Dallas Mavericks, Klay will be wearing a unique new number. In a surprising move, Thompson has opted for the No. 31 jersey, marking a significant departure from his longtime number.

Why select a new jersey number?

Klay Thompson decided to switch to No. 31 in Dallas due to the unavailability of his beloved No. 11, which is currently worn by Kyrie Irving.

This change for Klay will represent a fresh start for Thompson in Dallas, where he aims to contribute to the Mavericks' quest for an NBA championship.

Historical context of #31 Mavericks jersey

The No. 31 jersey holds a storied legacy within the Mavericks franchise.

The number 31 Mavericks jersey was previously worn by notable players like Nick Van Exel and Jason Terry. Terry notably won the ‘Sixth Man of the Year’ Award and helped the Mavs win an NBA title in 2011.

Some other notable Mavericks players who have worn the number 31 in the team's history include Richard Washington, Jay Vincent, Martin Müürsepp, and Billy Curley.

Is Klay Thompson trying to ‘one-up’ Steph Curry?

As soon as the news broke out that Klay will be wearing the #31 jersey; fans had a ton of reactions and theories regarding it. Many speculated that Klay was attempting to "one-up" his former teammate Steph Curry, who wears number 30 for the Warriors. 


This kind of tradition has been seen before in the NBA — once Kobe Bryant adopted No. 24 in homage to Michael Jordan's No. 23.

This sentiment was captured in comments like, "One more than Steph on purpose or…?" 

Another said, "Klay is basically saying he’s become better than Curry by the 1 ring he will win in Dallas.", meaning Klay will definitely win 1 ring in Dallas and ‘one-up’ on Steph Curry in ring count.

Fans react to Klay Thompson choosing obscure #31 jersey

There were also humorous takes as the fans trolled Thompson's decision to switch to a very obscure number like 31. One person commented, "Gonna look weird after (crying emoji)" and another just said, "that jersey number is atrocious."

One plainly expressed, "Ewww," summing up their opinion succinctly. Another fan pleaded with Klay, stating, "Oh please Klay, we don't wanna see this." 

Then there were some who were using Twitter's word of the year — ‘aura’. That person remarked, "(31 is) No aura number."


Someone simply stated, "L number but good luck to him." and another fan in agony questioned, "Why is bro wearing 31??? You could've had 10, 1, why 31?"

Then there were some fans who referenced the Warriors' infamous 3-1 lead collapse in the 2016 Finals with remarks like "3-1" and "In honor of the 3-1 lead the Warriors blew to the Cavs in the finals?". These comments humorously tied Klay's #31 jersey number choice to an iconic “3-1 comeback of 2016”. 

On a more positive note, one supporter showed optimism saying, "31 will be his (Klay’s) average for the season," 

Is this why Klay Thompson chose number 31 for Mavericks?

Finally, let's discuss why Klay Thompson chose number 31. Some put forward sensible reasons for Klay selecting #31. 

Firstly, let's understand that Klay Thompson has an affinity for the number 11. Alphabet "K" for Klay, is the 11th letter in the English alphabet, and Thompson grew up in the 11th house on 11th Lane in California. Klay was also the 11th pick in the 2011 NBA draft and famously scored 60 points in 11 dribbles. This is why Klay wore #11 for the Warriors, but since the number 11 was already taken by Kyrie Irving in Dallas, Klay sought something related to 11. 


So, one ‘mathematician’ in X replies that the number 31 is the 11th prime number, which intrigued Klay and he chose 31 for the Mavs jersey. 

Additionally, some suggested that Klay's admiration for Reggie Miller, who famously wore 31 for the Pacers, could have influenced his decision as a tribute. Only time will reveal the exact reason behind Klay's choice of number 31.

Steph posted 31 images of him and departing Klay Thompson

After Klay Thompson's trade to the Mavericks ended his 13-year partnership with the Warriors, his longtime friend Steph Curry took to Instagram to commemorate their friendship. 

Steph posted 31 photos of them together on his Instagram Story, accompanied by a heartfelt message thanking Klay for the memories they shared. The significance of posting exactly 31 photos raised speculation among fans about whether Steph was subtly acknowledging Klay's new jersey number choice.

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