Patrick Mahomes Gives His Honest Take on Tom Brady's NFL Goat Comparison; Know Here

Patrick Mahomes addresses the debate surrounding his status as the NFL GOAT, acknowledging Tom Brady's remarkable gameplay while expressing his desire for career goals and family life balance. _____________________

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Published on Apr 17, 2024 | 11:34 AM IST | 45.6K
Patrick Mahomes Gives His Candid Take on Tom Brady NFL Goat Comparison
Patrick Mahomes Gives His Candid Take on Tom Brady NFL Goat Comparison (PC: Getty Images)

In a recent discussion surrounding the ongoing debate about the greatest NFL player of all time (GOAT), Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes offered a candid perspective. While his achievements at a relatively early stage of his career have been impressive, Mahomes recognized the exceptional consistency displayed by Tom Brady and other legendary quarterbacks over an extended period.

"To be considered in that conversation, you have to maintain a high level of performance year after year," Mahomes stated in an interview with Time Magazine. "It's challenging to surpass what Tom [Brady] accomplished for so long, or what Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers achieved. They performed at an elite level for an extended duration. You can't take it for granted that you'll replicate past success."

Patrick Mahomes on Balancing Career Longevity and Family Time

Despite his admiration for Brady's longevity in the game, Mahomes expressed his desire with the aforementioned portal that he wants to strike a balance between his professional aspirations and his commitment to his family. "If I played until Tom's age, my daughter would be 19 or 20 years old," he remarked. "I would love to play that long, but at the same time, I want to be present for my daughter."



Mahomes acknowledged the potential conflict between an extended career and quality family time, stating, "If I feel like it's taking away from my family time, that's when I'll know it's time to go."

The Key to GOAT Status like Tom Brady

While Mahomes' accomplishments thus far have been remarkable, including two MVP awards and three Super Bowl titles in a short span, he emphasized the importance of sustained excellence over an extended period to be considered among the greatest of all time.

"You have to build a consistency of a career," Mahomes asserted. "I've had a great run, and I think I've done a great job so far. But it's hard to take away from what Tom did for so long, what Peyton Manning did, or Aaron Rodgers. There are so many guys, they were at such a high level for such a long time."

As Mahomes continues to accumulate accolades and lead the Chiefs' dynasty, his commitment to maintaining a balance between his professional and personal life will be a defining factor in his pursuit of the GOAT status.

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