The Rock and John Cena Accused of Selling Their Souls by Former WWE Star

A former Wrestler who is known for his right-wing views has verbally attacked John Cena and The Rock, and said that they sold their souls.

Published on Feb 22, 2024  |  10:21 AM IST |  79.8K
The Rock and John Cena Accused by Former WWE Star
The Rock (L) and John Cena (R) made it big in Hollywood as well as WWE (PC: WWE)

Remember a WWE wrestler from the early 2000s, who would come with a towel in the ring, and would take it off in a hilarious way? Yes, the same wrestler, Val Venis is back in the news these days, but for some wrong reasons.

The 52-year-old wrestler, who was with WWE from 1998 to 2009, has been making some wild allegations against WWE wrestlers like Cody Rhodes, John Cena, and even The Rock. The former wrestler, known for his right-wing views, recently accused John Cena and The Rock of selling their souls.

In a single tweet on X on February 22, 2024, Val Venis attacked all three wrestlers with a bizarre claim. He said, “ FACT: Both @JohnCena and @TheRock sold their souls to the same cartel of communist comrades that stole the brains out of the heads of @CodyRhodes fans.”


However, the fans also aren’t taking Venis seriously as he has been making some unfounded claims on X, and is known for blabbering nonsensical things.

Val Venis was with WWE from 1998 to 2009. (PC: Getty Images)

Why did Venis accuse Cody Rhodes of promoting Mental Disorders?

Venis has gone after Cody Rhodes with no holds barred. A few days back, Venis accused Cody of worshiping Satan, and for supporting a trans ally. In another post, Venis called out Rhodes for supporting mental disorders and asked him to promote Jesus instead.


”HEY @CodyRhodes! Maybe think before you “affirm” would be a better idea. Promote Jesus. Not mental disorders,” he wrote.

Why did Val Venis question The Rock’s wrestling skills?

The former Intercontinental Champion has also been making comments on The Rock. A few days back, he had claimed that The Rock “sold his soul to the devils.” Venis was miffed at the news that The Rock had thrown his weight behind US President Joe Biden.

Not just this, Venis had even questioned The Rock’s wrestling skills, called him a basic wrestler, and said that his elbow drop literally “sucks”.

While speaking to Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Venis said, “Now Rock I would never go to for advice on how to wrestle, because let's face it Rock is not the best wrestler in the world. He does very basic things but he’s smart enough to make those very basic things over like rover. The most ridiculous elbow drop on the face of the planet, the elbow drop s**ks but it's the best elbow drop going.”

On the work front, Val Venis has retired from all forms of wrestling, and is only active on social media. However, The Rock, being nearly the same age as Venis, has been very active in WWE, and he will be appearing in a match in WrestleMania 40, most probably against Cody Rhodes.

Also, this might also not be The Rock’s last WWE appearance, as the massive crowd support he has been receiving is enough to convince The Great One, that he should not leave WWE forever. At WrestleMania 40, The Rock will appear in a wrestling match after nearly 7 years. WrestleMania 40 will take place on April 6 and April 7 in Pennsylvania

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