When Tom Brady Met Twins Named After Him; Thomas Julian And Brady Edelman Flew 8000 Miles To Meet NFL GOAT

Did you know that Tom Brady once met a pair of identical super fans named Tom and Brady, with whom he has many similarities?

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Tom Brady [Credit-Getty Images]
Tom Brady [Credit-Getty Images]

The Caffyn family's tale exemplifies how NFL fanaticism transcends national boundaries. Brian and Grace Caffyn, Hong Kong natives, adored Tom Brady to a new level when they named their twins after the New England Patriots great.

It all started in 2015, just after Super Bowl XLIX. Brian, a Connecticut native who had been living overseas for two decades, was still on a high from watching Brady lead that historic comeback against the Seattle Seahawks. He had gone hundreds of miles to see that event in person at the University of Phoenix Stadium.

Tom and Brady met Tom Brady in 2018

Fast forward to 2018, and the Caffyns had the opportunity of a lifetime to introduce their Brady-inspired twins to the man himself. Tom Brady came face to face with two toddlers named Tom and Brady. And Brady, ever the charmer, had a blast with the children.

“You’re Tom, but I’m Tom, too,” he said. “We got the same name. How cool? I got your name… It’s great to meet you guys.”

The entire exchange was pure gold, warm enough to melt even the coldest of opposing supporters. However, the Caffyns did not stop with first names. They went all in, giving their twins middle names inspired by Julian Edelman. So their full names were Thomas Killian and Brady Edelman.

The family flew almost 8,000 kilometers from Bali to Foxborough solely for this meeting. The Patriots, who recognize genuine fans when they see them, even uploaded a video of the twins having a great time visiting the facility.


Brian and Grace Caffyn found that their twins embodied distinct aspects of the NFL legend's personality after naming them after Tom Brady.

Twins were like two phases of Tom Brady

According to the pair, young Tom exemplifies TB-12's calm and serene temperament off the field. He's the calm one, taking things in stride, but Brady is a ball of activity, constantly on the go and fascinated about everything around him. He stated this about Brady:

“Brady just wants to jump around and see what everybody is doing all the time. It’s like he’s checking out the defense.” Brian said

It's almost as if the twins are living examples of Brady's split personality: calm as a cucumber off the field, then a blaze of energy and leadership when the game starts. Brian also feels that the twins would love their names once they are old enough to properly understand their meaning.


It is not the first time Brady has done something for others. He is none for his charitable and helping demeanor. The NFL Goat is always way ahead of everybody in game and even in his real life.

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