Will The Rock Betray Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40? Cryptic Post on X Leaves Fans Guessing

The Rock’s cryptic post on X has left fans wondering on which side, ‘The Great One’ is. Will he help Roman Reigns defeat Cody Rhodes once again or will ‘The People’s Champ’ turn on his cousin?

Published on Feb 19, 2024  |  03:53 PM IST |  171.7K
The Rock has officially joined the Bloodline ahead of WrestleMania 40 (PC: WWE)

With nearly one and a half months to go for WrestleMania 40, we still aren’t clear about which way The Rock is going in the last WrestleMania of his career. He started by challenging a match to Roman Reigns, back-tracked in a week after seeing the crowd’s negative reaction, and then officially joined The Bloodline, bringing back his heel character after nearly 21 years. 

From a potential match against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40 to joining forces with him within a week, The Rock has thrown multiple curve balls at the WWE Universe. Now, in a cryptic post on X, The Rock has indicated that he might turn on ‘The Tribal Chief’, and this has left the fans wondering what he intends to achieve at WrestleMania 40.

What did The Rock say?

In a post on X, The Rock said, “He’s back. Greatness sins. Devil disrupts.Always speaks the truth. Even when he lies. Record setting crowd. Thank you SALT LAKE CITY. Mana. Energy. Eruption. Chills.~ people’s champ."

This post on X meant more than thanking the crowd at Salt Lake City where The Rock joined the Bloodline on SmackDown, and it was more about his future endeavors at WrestleMania 40.


The speculations started when The Rock, while making the promo at SmackDown, literally pointed towards Roman Reigns and said, “you walk out of WrestleMania what you are, which is a loser.”


This led to a fan predicting that The Rock will indeed turn on Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 40, and will eventually side with Cody Rhodes. The fan said, “I predict that Rock will turn on Roman and Seth will turn on Cody, have 2 twists happen where Roman and Cody reveal they both had secret plans for WM40, who do you think will win ?”

Several other fans also expressed their opinions. One fan said, “Iconic ?? Pointing at Roman on "loser" is a huge hint!” And another fan wrote, “Amazing how simple yet complex a promo can be …. He foretold a lot in that short time frame.”

Meanwhile, The Rock’s post on X earlier on Monday morning has strengthened the feeling that there is more to this than what meets the eye.

What The Rock will do at WrestleMania 40?

Since The Rock’s match against Roman Reigns has been shelved, The Rock will either face Cody Rhodes on Night 1 of WrestleMania 40, where Rhodes gets to exact revenge for his slap or The Rock and Roman Reigns will face Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes in a tag-team match.

In both cases, Cody Rhodes and Roman Reigns will have two matches at WrestleMania 40, and in both matches, there will be the involvement of The Rock. As per reports, The Rock himself conceded that his match against Roman Reigns should be postponed after the crowd’s negative reaction, and Cody should be pushed instead.

Since it is the WWE Universe’s calling to crown Cody Rhodes as the Champion, The Rock might not think twice before turning on his cousin and helping ‘The American Nightmare’ win the gold. 

Imagine this, Cody Rhodes wins the Championship from Reigns, and The Rock plays an integral role in his victory and both of them stand in the middle of the ring, as The Rock bids farewell to the squared ring for one last time.

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