Is Until Dawn coming to PC and PS5? Release window revealed in State of Play 2024

Discover the thrilling news as Until Dawn is headed to PC and PS5! Unveiled during State of Play 2024, get ready for enhanced horror and a release window announcement.

Published on Feb 01, 2024  |  07:04 PM IST |  30.3K
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Key Highlight
  • PlayStation's official confirmation during State of Play 2024 brings Until Dawn to PC and PS5
  • Until Dawn's journey from its original release on PS4 reflects the evolution of Supermassive Games

In an exciting update for horror game fans, PlayStation has officially confirmed the release of Until Dawn on PC and PS5, as per IGN. This announcement, made during the most recent PlayStation State of Play event, has piqued the interest of horror genre fans. 

Release window confirmation 

According to the announcement, the PS5 version of Until Dawn will be released on both the PC and PS5 platforms this year. This news follows a report published just last week, adding to the excitement surrounding the game's release on modern platforms. 

As is customary with remastered editions, the upcoming ports of Until Dawn promise not only the classic horror experience but also significant graphical enhancements. Ballistic Moon has been tasked with improving the game for modern platforms, resulting in a more immersive and smooth gaming experience for players. 

Until Dawn, which was launched on the PS4 in 2015, quickly gained popularity for its beautiful blend of gameplay mechanics and horror storytelling. Supermassive Games, which developed the game, has since become known for its choice-filled horror games that broke the boundary between interactive movies and traditional gaming. 

A flawed yet entertaining experience 

When asked about Until Dawn's legacy, critics described it as a flawed but undeniably entertaining experience. The game pays tribute to horror movie traditions by allowing players to shape the narrative through in-game decisions, while also delivering occasionally shocking outcomes. 


Expanding universe 

In addition to its initial release, Until Dawn has inspired additional games, expanding its universe and enthralling players. Such as Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, an on-rails shooter released in 2016, and The Inpatient, a follow-up game set 60 years before the events of Until Dawn, which was released in 2017. Both games were limited to the PlayStation VR headset, which enhanced the exciting horror experience. 

While there has been no direct sequel to Until Dawn, Supermassive Games did release a spiritual successor, The Quarry, in 2022, demonstrating the studio's commitment to the horror game. 

In addition to its popularity in gaming, Until Dawn is making ripples in cinema. The game will be adapted for the big screen, with the director of Lights Out and Shazam! committed to the project. This reinforces the Until Dawn franchise's lasting popularity and cultural significance. 

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Know more about Until Dawn:

What platforms is Until Dawn available on?
Until Dawn was originally released for the PlayStation 4. However, as of State of Play 2024, it will also be available on PC and the PlayStation 5.

Is Until Dawn a multiplayer game?
While Until Dawn is primarily a single-player experience, it does include a multiplayer mode called Shared Story in The Dark Pictures Anthology, another series by Supermassive Games.

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