Ahn Bo Hyun, Lee Jun Young, and Moon Sang Min lead battle of 'illegitimate heirs' vying for succession in K-dramas

Ahn Bo Hyun in Flex X Cop, Lee Jun Young in The Impossible Heir, and Moon Sang Min in Wedding Impossible lead the battle of ‘illegitimate heirs’ vying for succession in K-dramas.

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Ahn Bo Hyun (Image: Disney+), Lee Jun Young(Image: Disney+), and Moon Sang Min (Image: tvN)
Ahn Bo Hyun (Image: Disney+), Lee Jun Young(Image: Disney+), and Moon Sang Min (Image: tvN)

K-dramas with ‘illegitimate heirs’ plot lines just spruce up the whole K-drama scenario. Among the latest K-dramas of 2024, Ahn Bo Hyun’s Flex X Cop, Lee Jun Young’s The Impossible Heir, and Moon Sang Min’s Wedding Impossible which have the same underlying illegitimate son plot. All three K-dramas are otherwise largely different from one another considering the theme and genre. 

Ahn Bo Hyun in Flex X Cop

Flex X Cop is a fun action romance drama where a third-generation chaebol Jin I Soo (played by Ahn Bo Hyun), who is irresponsible and set in his young ways somehow gets involved with the violent crimes department. Lee Gang Hyun (played by Park Ji Hyun) is a diligent detective in the violent crimes department who does not like Jin I Soo at the beginning but soon warms up to him. The story follows how they both grow closer to each other as they solve cases. 

Ahn Bo Hyun as Jin I Soo in Flex X Cop plays the illegitimate son of Jin Myeong Chul, the chairman of Hansu Group. Being an illegitimate son, Jin I Soo tries his hardest to prove that he is worthy of his position. Though he is overtly the careless heir of the Hansu Group, he uses his wit and skills in solving cases and also shows off his chaebol side he also uses his wealth and power. In the series, Jin I Soo not only needs to fight crime but also people who want him out of the power race in the succession of Hansu Group.


Lee Jun Young in The Impossible Heir

The Impossible Heir follows a group of three unknown people who dream of rising high in power and wealth. This revenge thriller series has Lee Jae Wook, Lee Jun Young, and Hong Su Zu in the main roles. Lee Jae Wook plays Han Tae Oh, a murderer’s son who is done with his filthy life and now aims to change it with the help of his childhood friend, Kang In Ha. Lee Jun Young portrays Kang In Ha who belongs to a wealthy conglomerate Kangoh family but since he is an illegitimate child he does not hold any real power. Hong Su Zu plays Na Hye Won who is the delinquent daughter of a debt collector and is ready to do anything to get power and money. These three race against everyone to get power and status in The Impossible Heir. 

Lee Jun Young as Kang In Ha may be from a wealthy chaebol family Kangoh but his power is almost nothing. He is looked down on by his family members as he is an illegitimate son of the Kangoh Group. Lee Jun Young decides to flip his poverty-filled life to a rich conglomerate son’s life when he learns he belongs to the Kangoh family. He along with his friend Han Tae Oh plans to take over the Kangoh Group and become the next heir and own wealth and power. He has charged a battle as an illegitimate heir to succeed in power.


Moon Sang Min in Wedding Impossible

Last but not least in the battle of ‘illegitimate heirs’ is Moon Sang Min’s Lee Ji Han of the K-drama Wedding Impossible. Wedding Impossible is a romantic comedy K-drama that follows the story of two illegitimate brothers of a wealthy family Lee Do Han (Kim Do Wan), and Lee Ji Han (Moon Sang Min). Lee Do Han plans to enter a fake marriage with his long-time friend and struggling actress Na A Jeong (Jeon Jong Seo) but Lee Ji Han rejects the union and tries his best to end this relationship by trying to woo Na A Jeong. The main problem is what if they fall for each other in reality?

Lee Ji Han played by Moon Sang Min is the illegitimate son of the powerful and wealthy LJ Group who is all for a heated battle for succession. He is ambitious and wants his older brother to take over the family business and become the official heir and successor of LJ Group. Moon Sang Min harbors has gone into the battle of succession by an illegitimate son, the only difference being he wants his brother to take over and not him. 


All three characters Ahn Bo Hyun’s Jin I Soo in Flex X Cop, Lee Jun Young’s Kang In Ha in The Impossible Heir, and Moon Sang Min’s Lee Ji Ha in Wedding Impossible lead the battle of succession and power as illegitimate sons of chaebol families in K-dramas.

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