Is One Punch Man Live-Action Film Important For The Future Of The Series? FIND OUT

We have finally received some news about the upcoming One Punch Man live-action movie, which means we will get the film after all. Here is why the movie could end up saving the anime series.

Published on Apr 18, 2024  |  12:06 AM IST |  92K
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Saitama in One Punch Man anime (PC: IMDb)

Sony first announced a live-action movie of One Punch Man back in 2020. Since then, the film seems to have fallen off the grid for over three years, only to finally have an announcement now. On Monday, April 15, The Hollywood Reporter reported that the writers of Rick and Morty, Dan Harmon and Heather Anne Campbell, will be writing the movie. It also has the director of five Fast & Furious movies, Justin Lin, who will also be behind the project. 

Due to this recent announcement, fans are really excited again, as they think the action-comedy genre of manga/anime will translate well into the live-action format. But some fans are left wondering whether the live-action movie will bring anything to the One Piece manga/ anime series franchise.

What does the One Punch Man live-action film bring to the table? 

Well, one of the most essential things the live-action movie will bring to the franchise is a whole new fandom. Due to all the hype around it, these people will watch the film first. And if the movie meets everyone’s expectations, then they might get to watch the series or read Yusuke Murata’s original manga. 


Live-action adaptations of manga and anime series have not always been well-received, and it was only recently, with the arrival of Yu Yu Hakushi and One Piece Live Actions, that people got hyped about them.


Moreover, we saw how the One Piece live-action series brought a lot of Western fans into the fanbase. These are people who previously did not watch the series or read the manga but got interested in the story after watching how well-made the live-action adaptation was. For Yu Yu Hakusho, it was the live-action that reinvigorated the entire fanbase. 

The One Punch Man live-action could change the fandom 

The One Punch Man manga has recently lost some fans for various reasons. Mostly because of the multiple redraws of chapters. Even though the anime is quite hilarious and its action sequences are great, it also might suffer a blow in the future. 

That is why, if the One Punch Man live-action adaptation is up to the mark, then it will be able to rejuvenate the OPM fandom and bring more people into the fandom who will enjoy the quirky storyline and interesting characters. However, it all depends on the movie's cast, story, and action sequences, all of which are yet to be revealed.

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