Kengan Omega Chapter 263: Release Date, Where To Read, What To Expect And More

As Kaolan becomes the victor of the first match of the Real Championship, anticipation builds for Kengan Omega Chapter 263, featuring the 'Monster' and 'Fifth Fang of Metsudo.' Release deets here.

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Yabako Sandrovich, Daromeon, Ura Sunday, Comikey
Kengan Omega [Yabako Sandrovich, Daromeon, Ura Sunday, Comikey]

With the first bout of the Real Championship officially coming to an end, Kengan Omega Chapter 263 is set to be another exciting installment as the second bout commences. The 'Thai God of War' has emerged victorious over the 'Gentle King,' setting the stage for the incredible clash between the 'Fifth Fang of Metsudo' and the 'Monster.' Therefore, don't miss out on the upcoming chapter, and keep reading to discover the release date, expected plot, and more.

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Kengan Omega [Yabako Sandrovich, Daromeon, Ura Sunday, Comikey]

Release date and where to read Kengan Omega Chapter 263

Kengan Omega Chapter 263 is scheduled for release on May 29, 2024, at 12:00 pm JST, as confirmed by Comikey, aligning with the manga's customary weekly release schedule. Fans worldwide can anticipate the chapter's availability around that time, adjusted according to their respective time zones.

To delve into Kengan Omega Chapter 263, enthusiasts can explore Shogakukan's Ura Sunday or Comikey, the official platform for Kengan Omega manga publications. While certain platforms may necessitate a subscription fee, they provide readers with access to premium translations and consistent updates on the latest chapters.

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Kengan Omega [Yabako Sandrovich, Daromeon, Ura Sunday, Comikey]

What to expect in Kengan Omega Chapter 263?

Fans can expect the second match of the Real Championship to begin in Kengan Omega Chapter 263. This match will likely feature a clash between two titans: Kanoh Agito, the Fifth Fang of Metsudo from the Kengan Association, and Julius Reinhold, the Monster of D4. Given their contrasting styles, the battle will likely test Agito’s ability to withstand Julius’s raw power and test Julius’s ability to handle a highly skilled and adaptable opponent.


The upcoming match could see Kanoh Agito using his agility and technique to avoid Julius's powerful strikes while looking for opportunities to counterattack. On the other hand, Julius Reinhold might attempt to corner Agito and use his superior strength to land decisive blows in Kengan Omega Chapter 263. 

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Kengan Omega [Yabako Sandrovich, Daromeon, Ura Sunday, Comikey]

Kengan Omega Chapter 262 recap

Kengan Omega Chapter 262 opens with an internal conversation between Arashiyama Jurota and the apparition beside him, now revealed to be Meguro Masaki. They discuss the ongoing fight with Kaolan Wongsawat and reaffirm their shared conviction to follow through to the end. The scene then shifts back to the ring, where Arashiyama is being relentlessly pummeled by Kaolan. 

Akiyama Kaede and Yamashita Kazuo, observing from the audience, are astounded by Kaolan's incredible speed. They speculate whether he has become even faster since his previous fight against Kanoh Agito. On the stage, Arashiyama stands firm, taking the hits while patiently waiting for an opportunity to use his signature throw, a move that could quickly turn the tide of the match.


Kaolan then stops and moves away, visibly exhausted and sweating profusely as he assesses the situation. Kazuo notes that Arashiyama's strategy of absorbing hits while waiting for the perfect moment to execute a throw leaves the outcome of the match uncertain in Kengan Omega Chapter 262. Suddenly, Kaolan delivers a powerful punch, the Divine Fist: God Glow, squarely to Arashiyama's jaw. 

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In that critical moment, Arashiyama quickly grabs Kaolan, using the momentum of the punch to amplify his throw. The audience is stunned by the sudden turn of events, where Arashiyama's defensive patience appears to have paid off. However, it is revealed that just as Arashiyama executes the throw, Kaolan has countered.

With a swift and precise knee strike to Arashiyama's head, leveraging the combined momentum of the God Glow and the throw, Kaolan rendered Arashiyama unconscious mid-throw. Kanoh Agito and Rolon Donaire, watching from the sidelines, comment on the brilliance and precision of both fighters' moves in Kengan Omega Chapter 262, while Rama XIII also compliments him. 


Kaolan is declared the winner, and as he exits the stage, he internally acknowledges Arashiyama Jurota as a worthy rival. Kengan Omega Chapter 262 concludes with Kaolan standing at the edge of the stage, staring down at Kanoh Agito, who is waiting at the foot of the stairs. With a determined look, Kaolan tells Agito to give it his all in his upcoming match, expressing his desire for a rematch. Agito responds respectfully, saying he is honored and hopes they will meet in the finals.

For more updates on the Real Championship that is taking place within the Kengan Omega manga, keep an eye on Pinkvilla.

*The release dates and time provided are accurate at the time of writing and are subject to change at the discretion of the creators.

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