One Piece Live Action Wins Writers Guild Of America Award In THIS Surprising Category

Netflix's One Piece Live Action series won the Writers Guild Awards in the Children's Episodic, Long Form and Specials category, with writers Matt Owens and Steven Maeda winning for their Romance Dawn episode.

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One Piece Live Action Wins Writers Guild Of America Award
One Piece (PC: IMDb)

Netflix's One Piece Live Action series won the Writers Guild Awards on April 14, 2024, in the Children's Episodic, Long Form and Specials category. Writers Matt Owens and Steven Maeda won for their Romance Dawn episode. Although only nominated in this category, the victory is an impressive achievement for the series, which has received multiple award nominations and victories since its August 2023 premiere.

Netflix's One Piece Live Action series, a live-action adaptation of Eiichiro Oda's original manga, was renewed for a second season within two weeks of its premiere, making it one of the quickest renewals in Netflix's history.

One Piece Live Action wins big at the Writers Guild Awards 

Netflix's One Piece Live Action series has won multiple awards in 2023, including two 2024 Kidscreen Awards, Best Design in Creative Talent and Best in Class in Tweens/Teen Programming. The series was nominated for the Best New Series award in Tweens/Teens Programming but did not win.

It was also nominated for Best Hair Styling in the Children and Teen Television Programming Category for the 11th annual MUAHS awards from the Make-Up Artists & Hair Stylists Guild but did not win.


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One Piece (IMDb)

Owens and Maeda's shared award win for the series comes as Maeda appears to have left the production for its second season, with Joe Tracz replacing him in his showrunner and executive producer roles. It was recently confirmed by a staff posting on the Writers Guild of America website.

Both of these key pieces of news also come as the series apparently prepares to begin filming for its second season, based on several recent comments and posts from the series’ central cast. When pieced together, these various pieces of evidence suggest that the second season will begin filming at Tomorrow Studios in South Africa sometime in June 2024.

The second season of the series is expected to begin with the Loguetown arc and take viewers at least through the halfway point of the Alabasta arc specifically. That being said, many fans suspect that the series will fully complete the Alabasta arc in its second season, but this will depend on how much prior material is cut. 

A brief about the Writers Guild Awards 

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) is the joint efforts of two different American labor unions representing writers in film, television, radio, and online media:

  • The Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE), headquartered in New York City and affiliated with the AFL–CIO
  • The Writers Guild of America West (WGAW), headquartered in Los Angeles.

One Piece (IMDb)

Although each organization operates independently, they perform some common activities, including negotiating contracts and launching strike actions in unison.

Both organizations of the Writers Guild of America were established by 1954 after the merging of groups from other writers' labor unions. The Authors Guild (AG) was originally founded in 1912 as the Authors' League of America (ALA) to represent book and magazine authors, as well as dramatists. 

In 1921, the Dramatists Guild of America split off as a separate group to represent writers of stage and, later, radio drama. That same year, the Screen Writers Guild (SWG) was formed to represent film screenwriters but operated primarily more as a social organization until 1933 when the group affiliated with the AG and took on a more active role in labor negotiations.

With the emergence of the television industry by 1948, the SWG and a Television Writers Group within the AG began to represent TV writers. In recognition of the growing complexity of representing members in many different fields of entertainment writing, these unions reorganized in 1954: both the Authors Guild and the Dramatists Guild would continue to represent writers in print media, and the SWG would fold.


Those working in motion pictures, TV, and radio would be represented by two new guilds headquartered on each coast, WGAE and WGAW.

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