The Grimm Variations' Little Red Riding Hood Ending Explained

The Grimm Variations' terrifying second episode places a surprising twist on Little Red Riding Hood and the predator known as the Big Bad Wolf.

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Exploring The Grimm Variations' Little Red Riding Hood Ending
The Grimm Variations (PC: Wit Studio)

The Grimm Variations is a Japanese original net animation (ONA) anthology series produced by Wit Studio. Based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, the series was released worldwide on Netflix on April 17, 2024

The Grimm Variations anime anthology offers a refreshing mix of grounded and high-concept stories. The second episode, Little Red Riding Hood, subverts the Brothers Grimm's source material by using tools to subvert the concept of the wolf and Red Riding Hood, incorporating the idea of the wolf in sheep's clothing. This alters the lore and provides a fresh perspective on the Brothers Grimm.

Who is the Big Bad Wolf?

In the second episode of The Grimm Variations, a suave young man, Grey, entertains a young lady at a palace, seducing her in a red gown. They sleep together, but Grey restrains her before they sleep. The violence escalates, and Grey admits to being a wolf, a predator, and a sexual deviant. The woman tries to escape, but Grey bites, maims, and eventually murders her. Grey is a cannibal who loves human flesh for a better high than sex.

However, this isn't Red Riding Hood. It's a young lady who uses the Eyedrop; a tool that allows people to be the best versions of themselves in an AI reality. Grey broke the tech, though, revealing her true form in the real world. He didn't see her as anything beautiful, so he feels comfortable in doling out what he sees as punishment for the lie.


It's a very superficial, cosmetic way of thinking. He knows the facade is all style and no substance. However, whether it's in the real world or virtual reality, he just wants to feed on ladies.

The Grimm Variations (PC: Wit Studio)

The anime portrays Grey, a character who is part of a gentleman's club that follows certain rules, but he also desires to break one rule and murder someone outside the club's jurisdiction. This leaves fans guessing who is real in the hunt, resembling a Blade Runner anime where viewers are uncertain who is a replicant.

The anime also remixes lore from different tales, such as the French version where the wolf pretends to be Red Riding Hood's grandmother, the French version where a lumberjack frees Red and her granny, and the Grimm version where the wolf drowns in a well. The dramatic anime feels like Grey has all his wolf angles patched to get a happy ending.


Who are Red Riding Hood & Granny?

Red Riding Hood is named Scarlet who wears a hood and is someone the predator marks in the real world. Grey asks Granny, who is better known as Granny, to sort his bloodlust out. Madam is a handler; a fixer who can arrange for such murders. She warns him he might be excommunicated. 

However, he follows through because he thinks he has power and influence. It's the mark of a true narcissist in The Grimm Variations season 1. Madam sets it all up. Grey saves Scarlet from a robber and has drinks with her. He is planning to drugs and then assault her.

However, Grey passes out and wakes up restrained. Scarlet then admits she's in charge and always has been. She set things up with the robber, wanting to fake looking weak. Now, she has the villain of her story. She murders Grey in a graphic scene.


This sequence has blood and gore, shaping Scarlet like a vigilante. All this time, she has been manipulating and marking the wolf, seeking to punish him for his crimes. It gives Red an edgier, aggressive feel. Someone who will not be prey to this fiend.

The Grimm Variations (PC: Wit Studio)

She rips out his nails one by one and gouges one of his eyes out. Scarlet makes it clear that it’s not just the wolves who like to hunt, and she’s the hunter in this story. The play is about to end as Scarlet guts him to stuff rocks in his stomach.

The sparrow in Madame’s room tells her how Grey got hunted by Scarlet, and she knows what happens to men who get addicted to blood. Madame gets a phone call from Brown, and she refuses to tell him what happened to Grey since he wasn’t associated with the club when he came down in the real world.

She suggests Mr. Brown look for a new member and warns him that the real world has too many temptations, and it’s best if they stay cooped up in their little immortal land. Scarlet arrives at Madame’s doorstep, looking for hunters. She is no different than the wolf; she craves blood, and it doesn’t matter if it’s anyone else’s or her own. 


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