Wind Breaker Episode 9: Release Date, Where To Watch, And More

The Bofurin vs. Shishitoren battle has reached its finale. Here is what you need to know about Wind Breaker episode 9 including release date, streaming details, and more.

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This article contains spoilers for the Wind Breaker anime

The latest episode of the Wind Breaker anime showed us the end of the fight between Sakura and Togame, who is the second-in-command of Shishitoren. The fight was very interesting up until the very end. 

The episode marked the beginning of the final showdown in the series of five one-on-one battles between Shishitoren and Bofurin. Tomiyama, the leader of Shishitoren, will face off against Umemiya, the leader of Bofurin. This decisive battle will ultimately determine the victor between the two groups, making it the most crucial fight of them all.

Wind Breaker episode 9 release date, streaming details, and more

The 9th episode of the Wind Breaker anime will air on May 31st, 2024, Friday, at 12:26 a.m. JST. The episode will be available in other religions at different times due to time differences. The international audience will be able to stream the episode on Crunchyroll. Depending on your region, the anime might also be available on other streaming platforms such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Videos. 

The last episode ended with the final fight between the two leaders Umemiya and Tomiyama finally picking up pace. Even though we saw how wildly acrobatic the leader of Shishitoren Tomiyama is, despite his small stature, the fight will surely be interesting. However, the Bofurin leader Umemiya declared that he would never lose to someone like Tomiyama making people wonder what the final result of the fight would be.

Wind Breaker Episode 8 recap

Episode 8 of Wind Breaker picked up where the previous episode left off. Sakura confronted Togame about his lack of effort, sparking a contemplation in the older boy. As their fight resumed, Togame began to reflect on Sakura's words.


The nature of their battle transformed as both fighters started to smile and enjoy the contest. Despite his injuries, Sakura's movements became smoother, and he found himself unexpectedly enjoying the fight, even though Togame had previously engaged in dishonorable acts like attacking weaker opponents.

Togame, on the other hand, realized he should have challenged Tomiyama’s decree to only keep the strong in Shishitoren and fought him instead of conceding.

When it came time to deliver the final blow, Togame accepted Sakura’s punch to his face but did not retaliate, accepting his defeat. Subsequently, Tomiyama appeared on stage, calling Umemiya to fight him. Togame attempted to suggest they end the hostilities and make changes, but Tomiyama responded by kicking him. This infuriated Sakura, who had developed a bond with Togame during their fight. He attempted to punch Tomiyama but was stopped by Umemiya, who told him to sit down as his turn was over.


As the fight between Umemiya and Tomiyama commenced, the Bofurin members were surprised by Tomiyama’s agility and acrobatics. Despite being smaller than Umemiya, Tomiyama managed to land several hard hits. When Umemiya questioned if the fight between Sakura and Togame had stirred any feelings in him, Tomiyama coldly replied no, which further angered Umemiya. He declared that he would never lose to someone like Tomiyama.

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