BTS BE Concept Photos: Jungkook's curated room reveals to ARMY who he is inside using 'music and speakers'

Following V, Jimin and RM, the next individual BE Concept Photos features BTS' Golden Maknae aka Jeon Jungkook and it's in deep contrast with the first three photoshoots. Take a peek inside Kookie's midnight blue and musically themed self-curated room below.
BTS BE Concept Photos: Jungkook's curated room reveals to ARMY who he is inside using 'music and speakers'
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BTS' upcoming comeback feels extremely personal this time around, even more so than usual, because all the members have played a crucial part in the making of their soon-to-be-released album; from producing to album jacket covers. Titled BE with Life Goes On as one of the accompanying singles (most probably the lead single), the septet worked on this highly-awaited album in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Hence, their simple message is to provide a source of comfort to their fanbase through their music.

Over the past few days, we've seen the individual BE Concept Photos of three members as they welcomed us to their self-curated rooms. While V embodied balance, Jimin gave us a glimpse at contrast and RM embraced us with warmth. Taking a complete 360 turn is The Golden Maknae aka Jeon Jungkook who mingled with a darker approach and chose midnight blue as the colour scheme for his self-crafted room. While you can't take your eyes off of Jungkook, you come across the various speakers almost consuming the aesthetically curated room.

"Hello, welcome to Jungkook's room. I'm the curator, Jungkook. This room is decorated with my two passions: music and speakers. It is an embodiment all my likes, with special emphasis on music and speakers," Jungkook revealed as the idea behind his room and further explained, "I wanted to create a room booming with music so that the viewer can catch a glimpse of who I am inside. Music can be a source of comfort, happiness, and strength. I hope that you can listen to music that gives you strength, comfort, and joy and be happy doing so." Even the structural wall set up with the doodling on the side as well as the brown couch and red printed carpet has so many stories to decode.

Speaking specifically about his choice of objects, Kookie reasoned, "What objects in this room do you think best represent me? You probably guessed this already. That's right! Speakers. Speakers are not only a medium for delivering music but also seems like a conduit for the comfort and joy that a song delivers, which is why I chose them to be the objects that best represent me."

As for the details of his outfit, ARMY was left in awe as to how Jungkook simply chose an attire that showcased the real 'Jungkook' which included a grey striped pyjama suit paired with a trademark black tee, black sandals, a thin chain and black hoop earrings. While Kookie's black hair was perfectly styled to one side, the dark lighting reflected upon the outfit giving it a sleek quality. "In fact, there isn't a special meaning behind the outfit. I thought it went well with space. I wanted to showcase 'Jungkook' in 'Jungkook's' room in the best light possible," Jungkook concluded.

Check out Jungkook's midnight blue and musical themed BE Concept Photos below:

When you first encounter Jungkook's curated room; even if you're not a fan, you immediately understand just how much music means to him. 23 hasn't looked better than it does on Jeon Jungkook, who has come out of his shell even more and is embracing who he is inside with music as his language. Moreover, Kookie has always had a very special bond with ARMY and hence, Jungkook, through his room is letting them know that he's welcoming them with open arms, showing his inner self to them through something that he's famously known for; music. One can't help but go back to Jungkook's My Time performance from BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E and get a deja vu moment of sorts while seeing Kookie's room while ARMY saw some concurrent theme with the artwork for his FESTA 2020 track Still With You, which was dedicated to the beloved fandom.

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Meanwhile, BE drops on November 20.

Anonymous 1 month ago

I love them all. The concept photo for JK is my favorite but I also like Hobi's Photo.

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Anonymous 4 months ago

I love Jungkook's theme the most coz it also represents my room.... I love the color... And Jungkook in the middle is an art.... He is the light in that dark room...

Anonymous 4 months ago

Everything is black ... In the middle only his face (piece of art ) is noticable I love taehyung's room the most

Anonymous 4 months ago

I love you BTS. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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Anonymous 4 months ago

BE is gonna come out and the lead single Life goes on will be out at Nov 20 so please stream we need to break records please stream

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Jungkook Handsome Men

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I love you so much